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Alien: Covenant

  1. What’s New on HBO: March 2018Girls Trip, Alien: Covenant, and more.
  2. Michael Fassbender on The Snowman and Kissing Himself in Alien: Covenant“It’s fun — and if people are getting pleasure out of it, then cool.”
  3. Why Is John Denver’s Music in So Many Movies This Year?Free Fire, Alien: Covenant, Okja, Logan Lucky, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle all feature Denver’s voice.
  4. 20 Movies Where the Bad Guys WinSometimes, the heroes take the L.
  5. box office
    Pirates of the Caribbean Boasts a No. 1 at the Weekend Box OfficeDead men are allowed to brag a little.
  6. David in Alien: Covenant Is the Best Blockbuster Villain in Years. Here’s Why.Michael Fassbender’s David isn’t just an equal match for the heroes. He’s the engine that makes the film run.
  7. Why the Alien Franchise Has Such a Dramatic Musical PastHas scoring a film series ever been this difficult?
  8. vulture festival
    Bryan Fuller Can’t Understand Why the Characters in Alien: Covenant Are So Dumb“The last two movies have had too many similarities to bad Friday the 13th sequels and not enough similarities to good Alien movies.”
  9. The Best Sex Scene of the Year Is Alien: Covenant’s Chest-BurstIt’s sweaty, agonizing, and very exciting.
  10. movie review
    Review: Alien: Covenant Is an Origin Story We Might Not Have WantedThe dialogue is often clunky and the plot repetitious. But it’s scary and splatterful, which is all it really needs to be.
  11. The Secret History of William Gibson’s Never-Filmed ‘Aliens’ SequelGibson’s Alien III script had space communists, a zero-gravity alien swarm, and something called the ‘New Beast.’
  12. last night on late night
    Neil deGrasse Tyson Critiques the Science of Alien: Covenant on Late ShowIn space, no one can hear Neil point out that sound can’t travel in space.
  13. mysteries
    New Alien: Covenant Prologue Jumps Back to the End of PrometheusNoomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender go on a little space trip.
  14. roll clip!
    Michael Fassbender Is Here to Service You in New Alien: Covenant PromoStaring deep into Michael Fassbender’s irises, available now.
  15. teasers
    The Whole Gang’s Unaware of Impending Doom in an Alien: Covenant ‘Prologue’Alien: Covenant premieres May 19.