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Allen Ginsberg

  1. movie review
    Review: Howl Is an Exhilarating Trip Back in TimeJames Franco finds his first perfect role in Allen Ginsberg.
  2. exclusive
    James Franco Selects His Favorite Poems“The O’Hara poems are beautiful and deceiving. On one level they feel frivolous, but O’Hara always ties them up with a significant event or line that pulls everything taut..”
  3. exclusive
    Vulture Exclusive: James Franco Reads ‘Howl’ As Allen GinsbergFranco as Ginsberg: “Oh victory! Forget your underwear! We’re free!”
  4. movies
    Play ‘Are You Obscene,’ the New Howl-Promoting Obscenity RankerApparently we’re 40 percent obscene. You?
  5. trailer mix
    Howl Trailer: James Franco’s Allen Ginsberg Doesn’t DisappointAnd he has a snazzy looking beard to boot!
  6. franco-phile
    James Franco As Allen Ginsberg, in Theaters This SeptemberHe plays Allen Ginsberg.
  7. the industry
    Julie Andrews Is Coming for Your TeethPlus: Five more sign up for ‘Howl’!
  8. art candy
    Dennis Hopper Would Be ProudAs inextricable from youthful folly as they may be, road trips, in the purest sense, are somewhat foreign to New Yorkers — at least to those of us who haven’t driven in years. Get in touch with the rest of the country and check out the blissfully nostalgic “Easy Rider: Road Trips through America,” opening tomorrow at Yancey Richardson.