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  1. hanks vs pitt
    Who Did More to Win World War II, Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks?Pitt’s new film Allied raises the question: Who is our greatest onscreen World War II hero?
  2. your box office explained
    Moana Rules the Thanksgiving Box OfficeThe Disney musical earned more than $80 million over the holiday weekend.
  3. movies in theaters
    Which Movie Should You See With Your Family This Thanksgiving?Including Allied, Moonlight, and Doctor Strange.
  4. movie review
    Review: Allied Is a Beautiful Vintage TrifleRobert Zemeckis has fashioned a good old-fashioned World War II romantic espionage movie.
  5. exclusive
    Watch Pitt and Cotillard in a Clip From AlliedThe legacy of beautiful people winning World War II onscreen lives on.
  6. trailer mix
    Brad Pitt Spies for Love in the Allied TrailerWWII makes it so much harder to trust your spouse.
  7. Brad Pitt’s Movie Allied Just Became a Must-SeeHollywood is always ready with a reboot.
  8. first looks
    First Look: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard’s AlliedSwoon.