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  1. movie review
    Bad Education Gives Hugh Jackman One of His Greatest Dramatic RolesCory Finley’s sly dissection of a Long Island embezzlement scandal — premiering on HBO — plays to its leading man’s theatrical strengths.
  2. now streaming
    Ellen Barkin Is As Stoked as the Rest of Us That Drop Dead Gorgeous Is StreamingThe most smartest movie in cinema history.
  3. oscars 2019
    Last Year’s Acting Winners Will Present at the 2019 Oscars After AllThe Academy is fine. Everything is fine!
  4. castings
    Charlize Theron Is the Morticia to Oscar Isaac’s Gomez in Animated Addams FamilyAlso on board are Bette Middler, Allison Janney, Nick Kroll, and more.
  5. i tonya
    Awards Season Is Over, So Allison Janney Is Dancing With Hot Guys From Now OnA special congratulations courtesy of Ellen.
  6. oscars 2018
    Allison Janney Just Gave You a Great Oscar GIF for When You’re Feeling YourselfThis year’s best supporting actress would like to thank … herself!
  7. kiss it better
    Daniel Kaluuya Was Surprised to Learn That Americans Movie-Kiss Without Tongue“Apparently it’s bad etiquette to put your tongue in.”
  8. fact check
    A Fact-checked Guide to I, TonyaSo did Tonya really yell “suck my dick” at that judge?
  9. how to win an oscar
    Allison Janney Goes for the GoldThe seven-time Emmy winner gives a ferocious, Oscar-buzzy performance as LaVona Harding in I, Tonya.
  10. I, Tonya Turns Tonya Harding From a Punch Line Into a Sympathetic CharacterThe black comedy, at times too broad, has standout performances from Allison Janney and Margot Robbie.
  11. The 11 Best Film Performances of 2017Including Margot Robbie, Brooklynn Prince, and Daniel Kaluuya.
  12. politics v comedy
    The West Wing Cast Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Her Show ComparisonIt’s a battle of real and fictional press secretaries.
  13. tiff 2017
    Allison Janney Is a Cursing, Bird-Owning, Chain-Smoking Revelation in I, TonyaShe plays Tonya Harding’s nightmare of a stage mom, LaVona Golden.
  14. not the white house correspondents dinner
    Allison Janney Reprises Her West Wing Role as Press Secretary C. J. Cregg“We have to let you exist, but we don’t have to listen to you.”
  15. theater review
    Theater Review: Can Six Degrees of Separation Still Bring Home the Bacon?We still do not know anyone but ourselves — and ourselves not too well, either.
  16. c.j. cregg 2020
    Allison Janney Is Down to Bring Back Some Idealism With More West WingSean Spicer, please relinquish the podium to its rightful inhabitant.
  17. send in the clowns
    Allison Janney Transforms Herself Into a ClownThe only good clown we have.
  18. ‘People’ Asks Samantha Bee, Kate McKinnon, Tracee Ellis Ross and More: Why […]Finally tackling the problem we’re all too scared to talk about, People magazine has assembled a team of comics to answer the controversial […]
  19. last night on late night
    Allison Janney and Stephen Colbert Finally Find an Excuse to Make OutCan I get a cigarette?
  20. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Welcomes You to the DNC With a Trippy Song and DanceAlso his guest, Allison Janney, made out with him.
  21. the strategist
    What Celebrities Bought This WeekZosia Mamet, Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney, and more!
  22. tv
    Allison Janney on Becoming Bewitched’s Endora“Years of watching her have done their work on me.”
  23. this great nation
    See Allison Janney Do White House Press BriefingGot that, Carol?
  24. last night on late night
    Colbert & Janney Do a Dramatic Read of Foreigner“Let me lay it on the line.”
  25. last night on late night
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson Breaks Into a Musical Number About His Late-Night Struggles“When will I get the chance to share my story?”
  26. Paul Feig’s Spy Adds Allison Janney and Morena BaccarinThe West Wing meets Homeland.
  27. chat room
    Allison Janney on Mom, C.J. Cregg Fans, and Masters of Sex“I’m going to have to corner Michael Sheen this Christmas and make him tell me that I’m coming back.”
  28. fall tv 2013
    TV Review: CBS’s MomStarring Anna Faris and Allison Janney.
  29. nostalgia
    Allison Janney Did ‘The Jackal’ on Arsenio Last NightGather round.
  30. casting couch
    Allison Janney Joins Joan Didion AdaptationShe will star opposite Christina Hendricks in A Book of Common Prayer.
  31. Chuck Lorre and Anna Faris’s Sitcom ‘Mom’ to Be Picked Up by CBS TodayThe networks won’t be announcing which new shows they’re picking up until next week, but one CBS sitcom pilot is already being given an early […]
  32. Dan Aykroyd and Allison Janney to Join Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Tammy’ Melissa McCarthy is lining up quite an impressive cast for Tammy, her first movie as director. Variety reports that Dan Aykroyd and Allison […]
  33. dramatic readings
    Jason Reitman’s Staging an All-Female Reading of Glengarry Glenn RossAllison Janney in the Alan Arkin role? Brilliant.
  34. chat room
    Allison Janney on Sundance, Learning Reiki, and Wanting a TV ShowSomeone get this going.
  35. Kathryn Hahn and Allison Janney Join Jason Bateman’s Spelling Bee ComedyJason Bateman is about to start directing his first movie, and he just added a ton of people to the cast. We reported previously that Bateman […]
  36. exclusive
    Meester And Janney in a Clip of The OrangesRespect your mother, young lady.
  37. The Lost Projects of Chuck LorreChuck Lorre’s name may not inspire the same kind of admiration in the hearts of comedy fans as  hipper auteurs like Judd Apatow, Tina Fey, Dan […]
  38. trailer mix
    The Oranges Trailer: Hugh Laurie Plus Leighton MeesterIt’s a May-December pairing to beat the band.
  39. Stephen Colbert, Ellie Kemper and Others to Bring Their Voices to ‘Mr. […]Late next year we’ll be treated to yet another adaptation of a beloved children’s cartoon into a big budget computer animated movie with Mr. […]
  40. 10 Promising Pilots the Networks Didn’t Pick Up This YearEvery year, each of the major TV networks produces a couple dozen pilots for new shows before determining which ones to air that fall. […]
  41. the west wing
    Watch a West Wing ReunionGet to steppin’, says Mr. President and friends.
  42. Trade Roundup: Steve Martin, Friday Night Dinner, Save Me, Michael Patrick […]Steve Martin’s second book is being made into a movie starring Amy Adams. Object of Beauty is about an entrepreneur who “flies from New York to […]
  43. casting couch
    Allison Janney, Tony Shalhoub Finalizing Deals to Star in Greg Daniels ComedyFrom Greg Daniels.
  44. our dreams
    Twelve Guest Stars We Want to See on 30 RockDon’t let Denise Richards and James Marsden have all the fun. Give Drake a chance!
  45. flashbacks
    Mr. Sunshine Is the Studio 60 Reunion You’ve Yearned ForWhat, you haven’t been longing for one of those?
  46. the industry
    Jolie, Aronofsky in Talks to Adapt SerenaPlus: Amber Heard joins Nicolas Cage in ‘Angry.’
  47. broadway
    All the Screen Stars Invading BroadwayThe phenomenon of Hollywood and TV stars hitting Broadway is a growth industry that just keeps expanding, downturn be damned.
  48. the industry
    Both of These Actors Will Star in a Romantic Comedy—But Which One Wrote the Script?Plus: News about John Legend!
  49. the industry
    Gus Van Sant Drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’