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  1. looking back
    Colbert’s First Head Writer on the Show’s StartAllison Silverman on developing the character.
  2. Colbert Report/Portlandia’s Allison Silverman Heads to The OfficeAllison Silverman, the first head writer and an executive producer for The Colbert Report and a current producer/writer for Portlandia has a […]
  3. Allison Silverman Recreates the Story of Julian Assange, Terrible […] Former Colbert Report head writer Allison Silverman had friends who allowed WikiLeaks head honcho Julian Assange to crash on their couch for a […]
  4. Allison Silverman: The Upside to American-Made Tear GasAllison Silverman has a great new humor piece in Slate today concerning American-made tear gas canisters being used in Egypt: “It is the view […]
  5. An Extended Interview with Former ‘Colbert Report’ Head Writer Allison […]In And Here’s the Kicker, Mike Sacks talked to some of the biggest names in comedy writing, including Dick Cavett, David Sedaris and Robert […]
  6. Allison Silverman on Hipster Community OutreachHere’s another excellent piece by former Daily Show/Colbert Report writer Allison Silverman taking on the denizens of Williamsburg in this […]
  7. Allison Silverman: Et Tu, BrooklynFormer Colbert Report Executive Producer/Daily Show writer Allison Silverman has a humor piece in the New Yorker this week entitled Et Tu, […]