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Ally Mcbeal

  1. revivals
    We’ve Been Down This Road, and We Might Be Down It Again for Ally McBeal RevivalWhy, that dancing baby must be in law school by now.
  2. backstories
    Where Do Dancing Babies Come From? The Story Behind a Classic Ally McBeal SceneThe Dancing Baby was not born on a Hollywood backlot but from the minds of Silicon Valley creatives.
  3. vulture lists
    8 Sexy Courtroom Shows to Stream, Now That Your Interest in Suits Has WanedAllow James Spader to fill the void.
  4. lawyer shows
    The Annoying TV Judges Hall of ShameObjection! Sustained.
  5. lena dunham
    Visit Amoeba Music With Lena Dunham and Lesley Arfin, See Their Favorite StuffVonda Shephard, anyone?
  6. vulture lists
    10 Beloved Characters, 10 Ignoble DeathsVulture takes a look at ten other characters whose ignoble deaths made us shake our heads and think, He deserved better.