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Alternate Endings

  1. game of thrones
    HBO’s Game of Thrones Finale ‘Doesn’t Change Anything’ for George R.R. Martin“You can’t please everybody, so you’ve got to please yourself.”
  2. deleted scenes
    Here’s an Alternative It Scene That Is Technically Happier But Still WeirdWhat if Georgie doesn’t die?
  3. chat room
    Lil Rel Howery on Get Out, TSA Agents, and the Film’s Darker Alternate Ending“I’ve never seen anything like it, where it felt like the audience was having a conversation with a character in a movie.”
  4. rogue one
    Rogue One’s Original Ending Was Very DifferentSpoiler alert.
  5. roll clip!
    Watch Alternate Ending for Schumer’s TrainwreckHappily ever after?
  6. alternate endings
    See Alternate Avengers: Age of Ultron ScenesJoss Whedon went into Über-specific detail.
  7. alternate endings
    Interstellar’s Ending Was Almost Much More DepressingIf you haven’t seen the movie, spoilers follow.
  8. alternate endings
    How I Met Your Mother’s Alternate Ending Seems to Have Leaked Here’s your happy ending.
  9. alternate endings
    Another Character Almost Died on the 24: Live Another Day FinaleGuess who!
  10. alternate endings
    There’s an Alternate Ending to How I Met Your MotherIt’ll be available on DVD soon.
  11. alternate endings
    Ryan Murphy Confirms Original Glee EndingFinn and Rachel would have reunited in Lima.
  12. extras
    Video: Watch This Breaking Bad Alternate EndingStarring Bryan Cranston as both Walter and Hal.
  13. clickables
    Consider This Alternate Ending for District 9For fans of revenge, explosions, and closure.
  14. clickables
    Watch an Unfortunate Alternate Ending to Return of the JediOops.
  15. clickables
    See the Depressing Alternate Ending for Yogi BearBoo-Boo! What have you done?!