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Alternate History

  1. alternate history
    Colin Firth Was Supposed to Get Naked in Pride and PrejudiceLike, full-frontal.
  2. alternate history
    Shailene Woodley, Garrett Hedlund Passed on 50 ShadesAlexis Bledel was not on the list, sorry.
  3. alternate history
    James Franco Is Kanye’s Ideal American PsychoBut Scott Disick got the part instead.
  4. alternate history
    The Iron Man 3 Sex Tape That Almost WasWith Gwyneth and Guy Pearce, of course.
  5. alternate history
    Jon Stewart Was Close to Quitting The Daily Show“What I did not realize is, a lot of the people who worked there were assholes.”
  6. alternate history
    Russell Wanted Deschanel for Silver LiningsThat would have been a different movie!
  7. alternate history
    Ben Affleck Was Supposed to Direct the Homeland Pilot“I was sure nothing would happen with the show.”
  8. alternate history
    James Franco Was Too Confident to Star in The MasterBut Paul Thomas Anderson approached him about it.
  9. alternate history
    James Murphy Was Maybe Going to Act in The Corrections“I was potentially going to play Gary.”
  10. alternate history
    You Can Now Read All 47 A Farewell to Arms EndingsThey will all bum you out.
  11. alternate history
    Mona Lisa Possibly a DudeDa Vinci’s longtime apprentice may have been a model for the painting.