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    Beyoncé and Jay Z Released a Crazy Tour TrailerIt’s a bit like Spring Breakers, if Spring Breakers starred Beyoncé and Jay Z.
  2. amazing things
    There’s a Mr. Peepers Screenplay, and It’s GreatIt’s a spoof of Being There.
  3. Louie’s Ursula Parker Deserves All The Mango Pops Yes, this video of Louie’s Ursula Parker (she’s Jane) playing Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement is sort of random, but more […]
  4. Finally, a Christian Sex Comedy Featuring Rev. Ted Haggard and Candace […] Hoooo eeee. This is a trailer for The Waiting Game, a low budget Christian “sex comedy” that is about not having sex. It features a cameo from […]
  5. Holy Shit, the Japanese Intro to 30 Rock Is Amazing Guys. Guys! This is the intro to 30 Rock in Japan. It’s really something! It makes the show seem so slapsticky, and there’s a closeup of […]
  6. This Craig Rowin Million Dollars Thing Is Getting Absurd […]
  7. Louis CK Gives a Masterclass in Drunk TweetingWhen you get hammered and start tweeting, you weird out your ex-girlfriend and look like a jackass. When Louis CK gets hammered and starts […]