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  1. cancellations
    American Gods Is Dead After Third Season on StarzBut could be resurrected as a TV movie.
  2. abuse
    Marilyn Manson Dropped From American Gods Amid Abuse AllegationsAnd talent agency CAA confirmed they will no longer represent him.
  3. the industry
    Orlando Jones Says New ‘White Man’ Showrunner Fired Him From American GodsThe show’s production company is insisting he was dropped to “reflect the complex mythology of the source material.”
  4. casting
    Ramsay Bolton From Game of Thrones Is Now a Cheery Leprechaun on American GodsHe’s back and he’s nice now!
  5. overnights
    American Gods Recap: God MoneyAnother lackluster episode dwells on how the Gods no one thought could ever change have done so in the new millennium.
  6. overnights
    American Gods Recap: Ticket to RideA classical “divide the characters” episode plays in a multitude of subplots, and introduces us to New Media.
  7. overnights
    American Gods Recap: A Curious SpiritAn uninspiring episode doesn’t allay fears about the direction this season is going, but at least it contains some great performances.
  8. season renewals
    Starz Orders a Third Season of American GodsThe series will get yet another new showrunner.
  9. overnights
    American Gods Season Premiere Recap: Gods and MonstersThe series returns after a troubled production with a depressingly hollow episode that substitutes exposition for heart.
  10. tv review
    Good Lord, What Happened to American Gods?With so much behind-the-scenes drama, it’s a minor miracle that season two is watchable at all. But watchable is a far cry from thrilling.
  11. american gods
    American Gods’ Long, Strange Trip to Season TwoA lot has changed behind the camera since Starz last aired American Gods. So where does that leave the show going into season two?
  12. trailer mix
    American Gods Season 2 Trailer: Time to Ride Ian McShane’s Magical CarouselAll aboard, on March 10.
  13. premiere dates
    American Gods Season Two Will Resurrect in MarchWe have the exclusive details.
  14. trailer mix
    Here’s Every Trailer Released at New York Comic-ConGotta watch ‘em all.
  15. new york comic con 2018
    Orlando Jones Becomes Aunt Orlandra Jones, Tries to Understand American Gods“I don’t know what this show is about, but let me say that, I’m gonna pray for y’all.”
  16. trailer mix
    American Gods Still Looks Extra As Hell in This Season Two TrailerThere’s a lot of fire.
  17. trouble on set
    American Gods Season 2 Reportedly in Chaos, Showrunner SidelinedSources describe significant rewrites and frustrated actors.
  18. chat room
    Kristin Chenoweth Is Pretty Sure Her Trial & Error Character Is ImmortalThe actress also talks her potential return to American Gods, and why she wants a Pushing Daisies musical.
  19. Bryan Fuller Won’t Be Helming Amazing Stories Anthology After AllThe Apple anthology series is based on Steven Spielberg’s NBC show from the ‘80s.
  20. alternative facts
    Neil Gaiman to Take a Large Role on American Gods, But Not ShowrunnerBut the network is hoping Gaiman will take an expanded role for next season.
  21. moving on
    No, Gillian Anderson Will Not Return to Play Dana Scully One More TimeOh, and she’s leaving American Gods, too.
  22. The 10 Best TV Episodes of 2017From Twin Peaks and The Leftovers to BoJack Horseman and Girls.
  23. departures
    Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Leave American Gods Showrunner PostsThe two created and executive-produced the ambitious Starz series together.
  24. vulture guides
    Your Guide to the Gods of American GodsAfter you inevitably find yourself asking, what the hell is going on?
  25. The American Gods Finale Is a Pure DelightDespite my reservations, it made me unreservedly love the show.
  26. american gods
    American Gods Showrunners on What to Expect for Season 2And how they got Debbie Harry to record an original song for the season finale.
  27. overnights
    American Gods Season Finale Recap: Don’t Cross EasterKristin Chenoweth brings a bubbly brightness to American Gods.
  28. overnights
    American Gods Recap: Semi-Charmed Life“Prayer For Mad Sweeney” reveals a lighter, softer side of American Gods.
  29. overnights
    American Gods Recap: Burn, Baby, Burn“A Murder of Gods” doesn’t shy away from scathing political commentary.
  30. overnights
    American Gods Recap: A Whole New World“Lemon Scented You” ups the tension between Old and New Gods.
  31. overnights
    American Gods Recap: Death Becomes Her“Git Gone” is a very big risk that pays off.
  32. vulture recommends
    American Gods’ ‘Git Gone’ Is a Great Standalone Episode of TelevisionIt’s like a terrific short film about depression and the defiance of death.
  33. Bryan Fuller Reshot American Gods’ Gay Sex Scene Because It Wasn’t Gay Enough“Unless he has a 12-inch, candy-cane c*ck and can f*ck around corners, his dick’s not getting in him.”
  34. overnights
    American Gods Recap: Snow DayShadow Moon doesn’t believe in anything anymore.
  35. as told to
    How Orlando Jones Constructed His Showstopping American Gods Monologue“To deliver that or to try and create that conversation around a voice that was yelling just seemed the absolutely wrong way to go.”
  36. overnights
    American Gods Recap: The SlaughterhouseEveryone seems to know that Mr. Wednesday is bad news, but they still can’t resist him.
  37. interviews
    Ian McShane: Don’t You Dare Call Me a ‘National Treasure’“When a fan’s going, ‘How did you do that?’ it’s like, ‘How the f*ck do I know?’”
  38. the vulture tv podcast
    From The Handmaid’s Tale to 13 Reasons Why, Book Adaptations Are All Over TVAnd they’re more prestige-y than ever.
  39. close reads
    When Modern TV Gets Medieval: A Close Read of The Leftovers and American GodsIn American Gods and The Leftovers, the past is prologue.
  40. overnights
    American Gods Series-Premiere Recap: Where Is Your God Now?“The Bone Orchard” is an ambitious, messy introduction.
  41. tv review
    American Gods Is a Bizarre, Dazzling ShowIt’s one of the strangest series ever to air on American television.
  42. sit downs
    Neil Gaiman Thinks American Gods Is Frighteningly Relevant in Trump’s America“I think [Trump] is an out-of-his-depth idiot. Who is possibly criminal. And certainly incompetent.”
  43. a trip
    American Gods’ Mind-Bending Credits Are the Trippiest Thing You’ll See TodayThe adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel premieres on Starz on April 30.
  44. War Has Arrived in the New American Gods TrailerThe Neil Gaiman adaptation, helmed by Bryan Fuller, is coming soon.
  45. casting couch
    If You Need a Personal Jesus, Jeremy Davies Can Be Yours in American GodsJesus take the role!
  46. tca 2016
    American Gods TCA Panel: Why They Cast Dane Cook“How do you get someone who can be a really entertaining dick?”
  47. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Starz’s American GodsMeet the new gods — (not the) same as the old gods.
  48. the industry
    Dane Cook Cast in Starz’s American GodsHe’s just a friend.
  49. the industry
    Gillian Anderson to Play an American God in Starz’s American GodsShe’ll play Media, a new god.
  50. the industry
    Ian McShane Joins Starz’s American GodsHe’ll play Mr. Wednesday.
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