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American Horror Story Hotel

  1. Lady Gaga Will Be in American Horror Story Season 6Caught in a bad showmance.
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    Bassett Surprised Husband With AHS Gaga SceneSurprise!
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    Matt Bomer Dances to ‘Hotline Bling’ in AHSYou used to call me on my hotel phone.
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    American Horror Story to Return for Sixth SeasonThe show continues to be a graveyard smash.
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    Chloë Sevigny on Gaga, the Anti-Vaccine Movement“I was hoping to get to be able to do the classic bloodsucking on the neck. There’s something very sexy about that.”
  6. The American Horror Story: Hotel Guys Know They Look the Same“There are worse things than to be compared to Matt Bomer.”
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    Wes Bentley on Why American Horror Story Gets Addiction Right“I know it’s really challenging for people to watch that, but in my experience, that’s what it feels like.”
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    Inside the Creepiest Rooms at American Horror Story’s Hotel Cortez From the sex room to Lady Gaga’s Tetris Room of Death.
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    Evan Peters Dreams of AHS: Space“Space is very intense, and there are a lot of things [that] can go wrong.”
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    Here’s Every Single Thing Lady Gaga Did on American Horror Story: HotelWarning: Contains some gross GIFs.
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    Is AHS Really That Scary? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Which superhero shows are worth it?
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    AHS: Hotel: Tedious, But Sometimes ExhilaratingI’ll be watching.
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    O’Hare Talks About His Liz Taylor for AHS: Hotel“I don’t think I’m a convincing woman, but I’m a convincing character.”
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    Max Greenfield on That Drill-bit Dildo In American Horror Story: Hotel“It’s very aggressive.”
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    Watch a Scene From AHS: HotelAre you ready to check in?
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    The New AHS: Hotel Teaser Is Basically a Lady Gaga Music VideoDu Hast!
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    AHS: Hotel Has a Serial-Killer Dinner PartyTo fill the cadaverous culinary hole Hannibal has left in our lives.
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    Jessica Lange Isn’t Gone From AHS ForeverThe Oscar-winning actress has been a staple of the show since its inception.
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    AHS Details Reveal Love Triangle, Drillbit DildoExpect lots of blood, sex, and bloody sex.
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    AHS: Hotel Teasers Will Make You Yelp This faceless guy is nightmare material.
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    Pamela Adlon and Louis Will Bring Better ThingsPlus: The Strain gets a third season.
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    Naomi Campbell Joins AHS: HotelNaomi can’t resist playing the villain.
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    Lady Gaga Is Back to Freak You Out on American Horror Story: HotelShe’s waiting.
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    Max Greenfield Grabs Room in AHS: HotelHe won’t be checking out anytime soon.
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    Duh: Evan Peters is Joining American Horror Story: HotelHe’ll be in Room 64.
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    Sarah Paulson Joins AHS: HotelIt will be her fifth go-round in the AHS universe.
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    Kathy Bates Will Run the American Horror Story: HotelSo says Ryan Murphy.
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    Chloë Sevigny Joins AHS: HotelWelcome back!
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    Who Would the Women of American Horror Story Play on Hotel? Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, and Connie Britton divvy up jobs.
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    Jessica Lange Confirms American Horror Story DepartureSarah Paulson and Denis O’Hare are unsure.
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    Matt Bomer Will Star in American Horror Story: HotelCheyenne Jackson is also joining the cast.
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    Sarah Paulson Almost Told the AHS Lady Gaga News“It’s Lady Fucking Gaga! I mean, come on.”
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    What Lady Gaga’s American Horror Story: Hotel Might Look LikeThe Grand Gagapest Hotel.