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American Horror Story Season 6

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    How All 6 Seasons of American Horror Story Are ConnectedFrom Murder House to Roanoke, the AHS universe is finally coming together.
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    Watch Lana Winters Return in the American Horror Story: Roanoke FinaleOh hello, Ms. Lana Banana.
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    Lady Gaga Is the Original AHS Supreme, and Other Truths From Ryan MurphyAnd keep an eye out for Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock in Roanoke.
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    American Horror Story Season 6: Did the Mystery Pay Off?After a whole lot of deliberately cryptic buildup, we finally know what this season of American Horror Story is about. And it’s not a surprise.
  5. Here’s Every Single American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser So FarAHS Season Six: Infinity Spooks.
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    The American Horror Story Teasers Are a LieLet’s guess the real one.
  7. AHS S6 Theme Will Not Be RevealedSurprise!
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    Photos From Set of AHS Tease Season 6 ThemeIs this American Horror Story: Lost Colony?