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American Masters

  1. Elaine May Will Direct the PBS ‘American Masters’ Documentary on Mike […]Get ready to revisit the work of comedy duo Nichols and May early next year. According to Entertainment Weekly, PBS announced today that the […]
  2. ladies first
    Watch Laurie Anderson in New American Masters“I’m just an average American control freak.”
  3. roll clip!
    Listen to Harper Lee Receive a Copy of GSAWPlus video interviews with her lawyer, agent, and friends.
  4. Watch PBS’s ‘American Masters’ Mel Brooks Documentary Right Now Here’s PBS’s new Mel Brooks documentary, which aired last week. Entitled Mel Brooks: Make a Noise it’s a part of the network’s American […]
  5. tv review
    TV Review: Philip Roth: Unmasked Skims The SurfaceTonight on PBS, the latest entry in the long-running American Masters series.
  6. tv review
    Seitz: Inventing David Geffen Cheapens the American Masters SeriesThis program is so reverential that it could be played at Geffen’s memorial.
  7. seitz
    TV Review: The Impenetrable King of Late NightJohnny Carson gets the American Masters treatment tonight on PBS.
  8. video
    Johnny Carson’s Mother Never Laughed at His JokesWatch a revealing clip in the upcoming American Masters doc about the talk-show host.
  9. woody allen
    Watch the PBS Woody Allen Documentary OnlineRobert Weide’s “definitive biography of Woody Allen” is very good, on the Internet now.
  10. Watch Woody Allen Dip Into His Idea DrawerRight next to his bed.