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American Reunion

  1. box office
    What Summer Movies Were Surprisingly Big Hits Overseas?The American Reunion and Ice Age franchises are shockingly huge abroad.
  2. franchises
    When Vulture Revisited the American Pie FranchiseWe’ve got heavy-duty coverage of all the sequels, even the direct-to-video ones.
  3. movie review
    American Reunion Provides Comfortingly Predictable PleasuresIt’s good to see the original American Pie cast back on the big screen, resurrected along with their beloved characters.
  4. chat room
    Eugene Levy on American Reunion, Getting Pervy With Jennifer Coolidge, and Those EyebrowsSeriously: those eyebrows.
  5. mental masturbation
    Jason Biggs Waxes Poetic About His Pie-F*cking Legacy“I’m not just known as the Pie Guy — I’m also known as Pie F-cker, the Guy Who F-cked the Pie, and Adam Sandler. So there.”
  6. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jason Biggs Signalled to His Lionel Richie–Obsessed Mom in Slow MotionPlus: Alyson Hannigan had to direct Jason Biggs’s penis in American Reunion, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Seann William Scott Considered a Butt Double for American ReunionPlus: Neil Patrick Harris commented on Conan’s “James Dean-y” cameo on How I Met Your Mother, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  8. chat room
    Seann William Scott on Goon, American Reunion, and Binge-Watching The Bachelor “I had nothing to do, and I was like, ‘What is this sh-t? This is awesome!’”
  9. real talk
    Chris Klein Explains His ‘Dreadful’ Mamma Mia Audition“I can’t sing!”
  10. Well, I Know What Nightmare I’ll Be Having Tonight Voila! It’s been 13 years, but that apple pie finally enacted its disgusting, horrifying revenge on Jason Biggs. Thank you, American Reunion […]
  11. american reunion
    Watch Another Trailer for American ReunionUpdate: sex jokes still funny.
  12. The New American Reunion Trailer Is Surprisingly Sentimental The theatrical trailer for American Reunion is out, and in between the jokes about beards looking like pubes, it actually has a little bit […]
  13. American Reunion Trailer Suggests The Unholy Coupling of Stifler’s Mom And […] The first minute and 28 seconds of the new American Reunion trailer are fine. Married life sucks, boobs are great, beaches, drinking, sure. […]
  14. trailer mix
    Full American Reunion Trailer: Tonight, We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1999How does Tara Reid fare?
  15. Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children In The Red-Band American Reunion […] Don’t you hate it when you accidentally throw your lubed-up ejaculate sock on your toddler’s head? Doh-oh-oh! America’s obsession with the […]
  16. trailer mix
    American Reunion Teaser Trailer: Different Decade, Same Masturbation TechniquesJason Biggs with a sock in the bedroom.
  17. clickables
    See a Class Photo of the Reunited American Pie CastFrom the upcoming ‘American Reunion.’
  18. clickables
    See the Men of American Pie, Reunited Ten Years LaterWhat, no Stifler?
  19. fourquels
    Shannon Elizabeth Joins American ReunionThe gang’s all returning for the fourth installment.