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  1. This Is Why Disney Spent Half a Billion Dollars on an Avatar Theme ParkIt all has to do with a certain boy wizard.
  2. candy
    Billy Eichner Puts Amy Sedaris Through a Shondaland Obstacle CourseAmy Sedaris tries to win the coveted role of mayor of Shondaland.
  3. lost
    Disney Might Actually Make a Lost Amusement Park AttractionSweaty jungle hikes for everyone!
  4. movies
    Hey, Nerds: See a Gallery of New Wizarding World of Harry Potter PhotosHogwarts is looking crazily Hogwartish.
  5. apropos of nothing
    ‘CSI’ at Six Flags: You Got Your DNA in My Funnel Cake!Do you want to take your kids to Six Flags and have them picking shattered skull fragments out of a bloody baseball bat?
  6. the take
    ‘Harry Potter Land’ Officially Announced; We Are Prepared to Empty Our 401(k) to Attend
  7. quote machine
    Simpsons Theme Park: Like TV, With More Screaming
  8. the take
    ‘Harry Potter’ Land, the Only Theme Park We’d Actually Want to Visit