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Amy Pascal

  1. summer of scam
    FBI and NYPD Open Investigations Into Scammer Posing As Kennedy, PascalLong live the summer of scam!
  2. summer of scam
    A Hollywood Scammer Is Busy Impersonating Kathleen Kennedy, Amy PascalThe summer of scam continues!
  3. marvel
    Silk, Marvel’s Korean-American Spider-Man Heroine, Might Get Her Own MovieThe one upside to all these teens getting bit by radioactive spiders.
  4. casting couch
    Which Oscar-Winning Actress Is in Talks for the Live-Action Barbie Movie?Amy Pascal said an Oscar winner is in negotiations to star.
  5. spider-man homecoming
    Spider-Man Producer Amy Pascal Explains Movie’s Diversity in Just 9 WordsThe latest Marvel flick has a teen cast made up almost entirely of nonwhite actors.
  6. roll clip!
    Seth Rogen Thinks Journalists Bungled Sony HackRogen’s not pleased about what happened to Amy Pascal.
  7. beefs
    The Angelina Jolie–Amy Pascal Photo ExplainedAngelina was deeply concerned for Amy!
  8. reboots
    Sarah Polley and Amy Pascal Will Team Up to Remake Little WomenLouisa May Alcott gets her reboot. 
  9. Seth Rogen Smoked Up in Amy Pascal’s New OfficeSeth Rogen, forever ruining Amy Pascal’s life.
  10. people who are more important than you are
    Tom Rothman Will Replace Amy Pascal at SonyHe used to run Fox. 
  11. pay gap
    Amy Pascal: J.Law Should Have Asked for a Raise“People should know what they’re worth.”
  12. sony pictures
    The Sony Hack Wasn’t the Only Thing That Hurt Amy PascalSony had been in a bad place for a while.
  13. sony hack
    Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony PicturesShe will stay on at the studio as a producer.
  14. christmas songs
    Grimes’s ‘Christmas Song II (Grinch)’ Is Pretty DelightfulMade in “prob less than 2 hours.”
  15. sony hack
    Sony Co-chair Amy Pascal Wants Idris Elba to Be the Next James BondSomething we can all get behind.
  16. petitions
    Clooney Made a Petition to Support The Interview“We hope these hackers are brought to justice but until they are, we will not stand in fear.”
  17. sony hack
    How The Interview Got Made: A TimelineHow The Interview went from funny idea to geopolitical incident.
  18. sony hack
    Selma Director Ava DuVernay Calls Sony Emails ‘Sickening and Sad’“That’s really all I have to say.”
  19. sony hack
    The Real Lesson of the Sony Hack: Good Movies Are Hard to Make!Any producer who can get films like No Country for Old Men or There Will Be Blood off the ground is entitled to a kind of artistic clemency.
  20. hacks
    Sony’s CEO Had Seth Rogen Soften the Gore in The InterviewSpoilers ahead.
  21. party chat
    What Other Hollywood Executives Have to Say About the Sony Hack“It kind of terrified all of us.” 
  22. the oscars
    Sony Head Responds to Zero Dark Thirty Torture Criticism Now that Oscar voters are involved.
  23. trailer mix
    The Informant! Trailer: Matt Damon Gets Fat, Soderbergh Becomes the Coen BrothersThis looks funny! We bet Amy Pascal isn’t laughing, though.
  24. moneyballs
    So How Bad Was Soderbergh’s Revised Moneyball Script?Three studios agree: bad!