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    Los Espookys Will Haunt HBO for a Second Season¡Dame más!
  2. Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega Overcome Their Fear of Watching Their Own WorkJulio Torres and Ana Fabrega, the co-creators of HBO’s Los Espookys, sat down with Vulture at Clusterfest to discuss some of their past roles.
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    In Twitter Comedy Videos, Endings Are OverratedThe playful, messy spirit of Vine endures.
  4. chat room
    Ana Fabrega on Los Espookys and the Joys of Hat ComedyThe comedian talks wigs, teeth, and how she learned to be confident in her stand-up.
  5. tv review
    Los Espookys Is Wry, Oddball Horror-ComedyThe spirit of Scooby-Doo is alive and well in this HBO comedy, though it’s more like Scooby-Doo in reverse.
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    HBO’s Los Espookys Looks Delightfully WeirdFred Armisen, Julio Torres, and Ana Fabrega’s comedy debuts next month.
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    HBO Orders Spanish-Language Comedy From Fred Armisen and Lorne MichaelsThe show is set in “a strange and dreamy version of present-day Mexico City.”
  8. Please Enjoy Some of Ana Fabrega’s Perfect ‘Chris Gethard Show’ PitchesThe Chris Gethard Show doesn’t return with new episodes until sometime next year, but truTV released a bonus clip today directed by Matt Porter […]
  9. Matt Barats Knows: Only Improv MattersLots of people love improv. Understandably. It’s fun and–when done right, with trusted teammates–freeing. Still, here’s the thing about […]
  10. ‘Little Clown’ Does Something More Sketches ShouldWritten by and starring Wes Haney, directed by Doron Max Hagay, and featuring Ana Fabrega in a silent but memorable role, Little Clown grabbed […]
  11. @AnaFabregaGood on Characters Without Context and Coping with […] Ana Fabrega is a comedian in New York City. She produces, hosts, and performs at comedy venues and art spaces around the city. She hosts a […]
  12. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Jana & Shasta’ The comedic timing allowed by mockumentaries is so addictive because it’s so natural. When the form is strong it, maybe more than any other […]