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  1. Which TV Actors Get Paid the Most?Analyzing actors’ increasing salaries in the world of Peak TV.
  2. analysis
    Why It Makes Sense to End the True Detective FranchiseIt’s just not worth the risk.
  3. analysis
    Paul Lee’s Exit and What Went Wrong at ABC This SeasonCall it the season from hell.
  4. analysis
    3 Reasons Why TLC Ditched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo So QuicklyThe show was still a hit, but not irreplaceable.
  5. analysis
    Why Is Yahoo Sinking Millions of Dollars Into Saving Community?And four other questions about the deal, answered.
  6. upfronts 2014
    Why CBS Passed on How I Met Your DadIf fan reaction didn’t kill it, what did?
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    Which Is the Most Repetitive Song on Justin Timberlake’s Very Repetitive Album?We do some analysis, analysis, analysis.
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    Can the Romantic Comedy Be Saved?Once a box-office sure thing, the frothy genre is failing at — and vanishing from — movie theaters.
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    Premiere Week Ratings: A Good Night for CBSPeople love their NCIS.
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    What Is The Master Really About?: Five InterpretationsOr, it could just be all of them at once.
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    How Showrunners Plan to Jolt Their Season-Two Comedies on the BrinkChanges ahead for Up All Night, Whitney, and Don’t Trust the B.
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    American Idol’s Dilemma: How Do You Top Britney?When A-List is not enough.
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    Hatfields & McCoys Scored Because the Over-50 Set Loves FeudsNothing on cable — or, most likely, broadcast TV — will draw a bigger crowd this week.
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    Five Consequences of the Sinking of BattleshipWhen a movie this expensive fails, there are bound to be ramifications well beyond the home port.
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    Does Disney Have an Identity Crisis?The job has been vacant since Rich Ross lost his job last month. The next chief will have to figure out what “Disney” means in 2012.
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    Is Knight and Day the Tom Cruise Story?It’s an apology for how weird he’s been all these years.