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  1. casting
    Andrew Garfield Will Star in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tick, Tick … Boom!A movie version of the Jonathan Larson musical is going to Netflix.
  2. backstories
    90 Branzinos Later: The Story Behind The Amazing Spider-Man’s Awkward DinnerSeven years after its debut, why does the fish loom so large in our memories? The food stylist responsible for it all explains.
  3. gay heaven
    Watch Andrew Garfield’s Dreams Come True as a Judge on Drag Race UKGet a sneak peek at episode one.
  4. movies
    Netflix Gets Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tick, Tick … Boom!, Maybe With Andrew GarfieldAfter a pretty hot bidding war.
  5. preach!
    Jessica Chastain Is Donning the Lashes of Tammy Faye BakkerPraise the Lord!
  6. roll clip!
    Andrew Garfield’s Mind Gets Blown in a New Clip From Under the Silver LakeHave you considered the subliminal messaging in “I Want It That Way”?
  7. movie review
    Under the Silver Lake Is Loopy, Paranoid, and Extremely of Its TimeAndrew Garfield stars in the oddball L.A. mystery from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell.
  8. tonys 2018
    Here Are Your 2018 Tony Award WinnersAndrew Garfield, Laurie Metcalf, and Nathan Lane all took home an award from Sunday night’s show.
  9. tonys 2018
    Andrew Garfield Dedicates Teary Tonys Speech to Those Who Just Want a Cake Baked“We are all sacred, and we all belong.”
  10. last night on late night
    Andrew Garfield Describes the Wild Party Where He Had His First, Uh, 30 Kisses“It was like a royal rumble.”
  11. theater review
    Theater Review: Angels in America Punches Through the Roof AgainThe Great Work returns.
  12. trailer mix
    Under the Silver Lake Trailer: Andrew Garfield Gets Caught in a Big L.A. MysteryFrom the guy who brought you It Follows.
  13. broadway
    Lee Pace Will Play Joe Pitt in Broadway’s Angels in AmericaPace replaces Russell Tovey, who played the part in London.
  14. Andrew Garfield Just Wants to Be Understood“I’m getting choked up thinking about it because it’s still kind of fresh in me.”
  15. Breathe Is a By-the-Numbers Prestige Romantic Drama With a CauseAndy Serkis makes his directorial debut with the tale of a paralytic man and his wife.
  16. broadway
    Nathan Lane and Andrew Garfield’s Angels in America Is Coming to BroadwayThe production was previously at the National Theatre in London.
  17. The Best Spider-Man Ever, According to an Actual Spider▶️ Finally, a real spider weighs in.
  18. Breathe Trailer: Try Not to Weep As Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy Fall in LoveDirected by Andy Serkis.
  19. roll clip!
    Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Had a Game Plan With Their Golden Globes KissAh, romance.
  20. chat room
    Andrew Garfield on Silence and ‘This Sick Man’ Donald Trump“The sickness, the toxicity, that is emanating out of his every pore — energetically, you can just feel it.”
  21. stars! they're just like us
    Andrew Garfield Also Enjoys Getting High and Going to DisneylandBecause how else would you turn 29 in Los Angeles?
  22. handsome men's club
    Andrew Garfield Wasn’t Hot Enough for NarniaNarnia doesn’t need any more normals.
  23. movie review
    Martin Scorsese’s Silence Is a Challenging Saga of Faith and MartyrdomThe director is attempting to make you see things as no one has before: with pity, terror, and — maybe hardest of all to induce — a gnawing ambivalence.
  24. party lines
    Scorsese Is Torn About Silence’s Missionary WorkThe director called it “a wound that has yet to heal.”
  25. silence
    The (Longish) Short Version of Why Silence Took Three Decades to MakeThe story behind the wait.
  26. year in culture 2016
    The Best Film Performances of 2016It would be much easier to make a Worst Performances of 2016 list than one that could do justice to all the terrific ones.
  27. the ugly truth
    Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man Was ‘Heartbreaking’Garfield last appeared as Spidey in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  28. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Martin Scorsese’s SilenceHoly hell, being a Jesuit priest in 17th-century Japan is intense.
  29. commitment to a bit
    Garfield and Driver Went Full Priest in Silence“Andrew got to the point where he could out-Jesuit a Jesuit.”
  30. movie review
    Hacksaw Ridge Is a Massive Achievement for Mel GibsonSay what you will about Mad Mel, he’s a driven, febrile artist, and there isn’t a second in this war film that doesn’t burn with his peculiar intensity.
  31. tambourines
    Emma Stone Played the Tambourine for PrinceIn further proof that Emma Stone is cooler than you.
  32. Martin Scorsese’s Silence Will Come Out This Year After AllIt’s about Jesuit missionaries in Japan.
  33. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw RidgeThe story of conscientious objector Desmond Doss.
  34. Andrew Garfield to Star in Angels in AmericaHe will play Prior Walter.
  35. breakups
    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Broke Up Ages AgoThe couple dated for four years.
  36. chat room
    A Frustrated Andrew Garfield Goes Off on Celebrity, Society, and Self-DoubtThe erstwhile Spider-Man goes deep on Trump, fame, and Kendrick Lamar.
  37. mean tweets
    It’s Time for Mean Tweets: Live Edition!They’re rubber and you’re glue!
  38. comic-book movies
    Marvel Says Peter Parker Must Always Be a Straight White Guy OnscreenAccording to a leaked contract with Sony.
  39. photobombs
    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Love to PhotobombSay, “Cheese.” 
  40. videology
    ‘We Exist’ Video: Andrew Garfield Dances, a LotHere is the new Arcade Fire video.
  41. ‘SNL’ Review: Andrew Garfield Couldn’t Save the DayWhen I started reviewing SNL three years ago, I was proud to consider myself a defender of the show. Of course, not that the mainstream pop […]
  42. deleted scenes
    Watch the Very Strange Sketch Cut From This Week’s SNLEnjoy, Kyle Mooney fans.
  43. fan fights
    Weirdest Debate in Spider-Man History Rages OnA tale of backstabbing and physics.
  44. Saturday Night Live Recap: The Amazing Andrew GarfieldThe qualities required to play Spider-Man are the same ones it takes to properly host Saturday Night Live.
  45. teaser trailers
    Andrew Garfield Wears a Wig for Arcade Fire’s ‘We Exist’ Teaser And a cute eye mask.
  46. review roundup
    Review Roundup: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Belongs to Emma StoneShe’s basically a national treasure.
  47. last night on late night
    Andrew Garfield Sang The Spider-Man Theme SongOn Fallon, obviously.
  48. when a spider-man loves a woman
    Photos: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are the Ultimate Red-Carpet Sweethearts22 photos of two movie stars being super cute together.
  49. hosts with the mosts
    Watch Andrew Garfield’s Giggly SNL PromoHe’s hosting this weekend with musical guest Coldplay.
  50. Andrew Garfield Gets a Visit from the Comedy Doctor in These ‘SNL’ PromosSNL returns this weekend with first-time host Andrew Garfield and five-time musical guest Coldplay, and here are his promos with Bobby […]
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