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  1. ‘Community’ Writer Andy Bobrow Reflects on Working with Dan Harmon“Step five is delete. Keep the two percent that isn’t shit and delete the ninety-eight percent that’s shit. Rewrite it. Within your re-write, […]
  2. Fox Is Developing a Show by ‘Big C’ Creator Darlene Hunt and Longtime […]The Fox network is developing a new show co-written by longtime Community writer/producer Andy Bobrow (pictured) and The Big C creator Darlene […]
  3. Talking to ‘Community’ Writer Andy Bobrow About Last Night’s Season […]After nearly nine months off the air, Community returned with the premiere of its fourth season last night. While creator Dan Harmon is gone, […]
  4. Highlights from the ‘Community’ Writers’ Reddit AMA The writing staff of Community did a question-and-answer session on Reddit last night in anticipation of the show’s return to the airwaves […]
  5. ABC Is Developing a Cop Comedy from ‘Community’ Writer Andy Bobrow ABC just put into development a new sitcom called Rookie, about a woman in her 20s who attempts to reinvent herself by becoming a cop, in […]