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  1. new yorker festival 2016
    Sarah Silverman Says Donald Trump and Mel Gibson Are ‘Great‘ in Similar WaysShe referred to Trump as an “un-killable New York City cockroach.”
  2. The ‘New Yorker’ Purchases the ‘Borowitz Report’; Is Launching a Humor […]Humorist Andy Borowitz has long been a contributor to the New Yorker, well it seems the magazine no longer wants to just borrow(itz) […]
  3. Raising a Good Enough BabyAndy Borowitz’s The Good Enough Baby, from this week’s New Yorker: “There are many misconceptions about babies and baths. The old saying ‘Don’t […]
  4. news reel
    Andy Borowitz Has Seen the Book World’s Future (And It Involves ‘Snakes on a Plane’)