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Andy Warhol

  1. me: elton john
    13 of the Best Celebrity Stories From Elton John’s Name-dropping Memoir, MeFrom trash-talking with Freddie Mercury, to reuniting John and Yoko, and plenty more.
  2. rmcu
    Ryan Murphy Cinematic Universe Expands With A Chorus Line MiniseriesHe will not rest!
  3. art
    Study Warhol and Basquiat at a School Turned Gallery in Upstate New YorkNeither of these artists was known as a nature lover, of course.
  4. art
    Andy Warhol’s Drawings of Shoes And Boys Tells Us Everything About HimA glimpse of the artist’s pre-fame work.
  5. appreciations
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Andy Warhol in Eight WorksAn appreciation of an American revolutionary, ahead of the Whitney’s can’t-miss new retrospective.
  6. art
    Welcome to SEENA limited-run expansion of Vulture’s coverage of the art world, all around the world.
  7. art
    Reuse, Reinvent, Reimagine: The Brilliance of Hans-Peter FeldmannToday, the pioneer of artistic appropriation can be regarded as Instagram before Instagram.
  8. celebrities are just like us
    Alice Cooper Forgot He Had an Andy Warhol Print Worth Millions in His StorageCooper’s ex-girlfriend bought it for him.
  9. Jared Leto to Star in Andy Warhol BiopicHe would like another Oscar, please.
  10. Is Richard Prince the Andy Warhol of Instagram?He always wanted to be the coolest artist in the world. But how much cred can one man appropriate?
  11. vinyl reality check
    Vinyl Reality Check: Watch 5 Real Andy Warhol Screen TestsAt the Factory, Devon spends a few minutes before the camera.
  12. obituaries
    Holly Woodlawn, Transgender Actress and Warhol Muse, Dies at 69She inspired a verse of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.”
  13. art
    The Bromance of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel BasquiatAn in-progress play explores the unplumbed depths of the two artists’ fraught relationship. Was it actually just romance?
  14. tonight in the art world
    Tonight in the Art World: 5 Shows to SeeThey’re all in Chelsea!
  15. art
    Was Ray Johnson a Great Artist or a Great Networker?Turns out who you know is just as important as what you do.
  16. every personal computer will be world-famous for 15 minutes
    See Rediscovered 30-Year-Old Andy Warhol Amiga Computer ArtIt was recently found after years spent combing through his archives.
  17. profiles in controversy
    Andy Warhol Told a Young Kathryn Bigelow to Get Into MoviesAlso, the director talked about torture stuff some more.
  18. profile
    The Trials of Art Superdealer Larry GagosianFor the past two decades, he’s been the most powerful gallerist in the world by a wide margin. Now he’s facing two bruising lawsuits.
  19. jerry saltz
    Saltz: The Met’s ‘Regarding Warhol’ Has Nothing to SayThere’s a shallow, pandering fecklessness to this pseudo-extravaganza.
  20. Comedy Writer/Counterculturalist Nelson Lyon Died at Age 73As a friend of Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, and William Burroughs’s, Nelson Lyon was a fixture of the New York City counterculture. The former […]
  21. stage dive
    Theater Review: Warhol Gets Tweaked in Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good)If you’re in the audience, you may end up onstage.
  22. lawsuits
    The Velvet Underground Sues Warhol Foundation Over Banana ImageRun, Run, Run to court.
  23. clickables
    Read a ‘No More Parties’ Letter From Andy Warhol’s Factory Landlord“We understand that they are generally large parties and are held after usual office hours.”
  24. clickables
    See Bill Hader As Andy Warhol on the Men in Black III SetBill, is it really you under that nose?
  25. art
    Jerry Saltz on the Unveiling of The Andy Monument“I hope you like it for more than fifteen minutes,” said the artist.
  26. art
    Jerry Saltz on Andy Warhol’s Portraits of Liz“Andy is in the air we breathe; Liz was in the air he breathed.”
  27. art
    Andy Warhol Canvas Of Coke Bottle Sells For Over $35.36 MillionThe piece was sold at a Sotheby’s auction, ten million dollars higher than the expected price
  28. art
    Read the Letter a Campbell’s Soup Exec Wrote Andy Warhol“Dear Mr. Warhol … “
  29. artsy
    Watch Jerry Saltz Tour the Warhol Exhibit“He was making amazing paintings right up to the end.”
  30. art candy
    See Andy Warhol and Friends in Their ElementThirty-two exclusive images.
  31. candy-filled warhols
    Candy-Filled Warhol at Brooklyn MuseumYes, you can beat on it for treats.
  32. artsy
    Andy Warhol’s 200 One Dollar Bills Sells for a Lot More Than $200Who says the art market is dead?
  33. art candy
    Artist Richard Pettibone: Cereal AppropriatorRichard Pettibone, creepy as it may sound, has made a career of appropriating Andy Warhol’s art.
  34. chat room
    ‘Rectal Realism’ Artist Neke Carson on the Long-Lost Portrait of Warhol He Painted With His Butt“I tried it out with a paintbrush and Pentels. I’d dip one end into rubber latex so you could kind of grip them in a way.”
  35. art candy
    Andy Warhol’s Topless TerminatorAndy Warhol’s tan and grainy portrait of everyone’s favorite Terminator/governor — on display with 99 other Warhol Polaroids at the uptown McCaffrey Fine Art gallery through February 23 — captures just the kind of fame Warhol promised his bevy of “superstars”: fleeting and shirtless.
  36. art candy
    Factory Boy
  37. news reel
    Lou Reed Remembers Muhammad Ali
  38. the take
    Why Did Warhol’s ‘Green Car Crash’ Sell?
  39. the industry
    Batten Down the Scenery: De Niro, Pacino Back Together
  40. news reel
    Hedwig Is Busy, Reluctantly Celibate
  41. last night's gig
    Lou Reed Opens HighLine With John Zorn, Sarcasm