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Angels & Demons

  1. boycotts
    Every Movie Now Being BoycottedThere was a time when a movie needed to be pointedly critical of a religion to earn itself a hilariously ineffective boycott.
  2. religion
    After Screening Angels & Demons, Vatican Declares Christianity Safe (For Now)If they worked in our office, they might have had a different opinion.
  3. contextual advertising
    Great Moments in Sacrilegious Movie Marketing, Part TwoLast summer, the church across the street from our offices weathered an attack from Hellboy — but can it survive Tom Hanks’s secret plot to destroy Christianity?
  4. the future
    Vulture’s 2009 Pre-Depression Summer-Movie PreviewHow much money will this summer’s blockbusters make? And how will they fare against last year’s record-breaking hits?
  5. decisions decisions decisions
    Studios Still Not Sure Which Movies to Advertise During Super BowlWhat to do, what to do?
  6. the industry
    Middle-earth Welcomes a New Jolly, Bearded DirectorPlus: Ewan McGregor joins ‘Angels & Demons,’ J.J. Abrams makes his ‘Superbad,’ and Christian Slater is still playing Jack.
  7. the industry
    Tom Cruise’s Son Is Will Smith, ConfusinglyPlus: Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show is heading towards Broadway, and a producer options “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.”
  8. news reel
    Tom Hanks Draws the Line at TurtlenecksTom Hanks may have sacrificed for his art in the past (like that time he lost 40 pounds and grew a beard for Castaway), but the two-time Oscar winner draws the line at high collars.
  9. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Becoming More of a Bummer Every DaySNL’s crew gets laid off, etc.
  10. the industry
    Tom Hanks Prepares to Grow That ‘Da Vinci’ Mullet AgainPlus industry news on Michael Mann, Robert De Niro, and Jamie Foxx.
  11. apropos of nothing
    Writers Guild Strike Means Next Year’s Movies Could Make Even Less Sense Than This Year’sWith the seemingly inevitable Writers Guild strike set to immobilize the TV and movie industries on November 1, Hollywood’s screenwriters are rushing to complete work on scripts before their contract expires next Wednesday.