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  1. interview
    Panda Bear Wants You to Pay Attention“I guess if there’s a common theme to all the songs, it’s either humility or it’s a love letter to humanity.”
  2. music
    An Attempt at Defining Indie Music in the 2010sThe beginning of the ’00s offered multiple moments of major shifts in indie music, but this decade has been significantly murkier.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Animal Collective Album, RankedFrom that time they made an album that played in reverse, to those other times when they made beautiful psychedelic music.
  4. Revisiting Animal Collective’s Influential Sung TongsSome 13 years on, the album’s charms remain largely intact.
  5. songs of the week
    8 Best New Songs of the WeekBeyoncé takes a victory lap in spite of the Grammys.
  6. a decade later
    Don’t Look Back: Animal Collective Grow UpTen albums in, family remains a recurrent theme for Animal Collective, the childlike energy that underpinned early records giving way to a band with children of their own.
  7. right-click
    Animal Collective’s New Single Is a Freaking Blast“FloriDada.”
  8. thanksgiving
    Animal Collective Debut New Album in BWI AirportThe band’s Floridada will go on sale for everyone else on November 30.
  9. encounter
    Talking to Animal Collective’s Panda BearHe also has a lot of questions about elephant dung.
  10. videology
    Panda Bear’s New Video Is As Trippy As It Is WonderfulFrom the forthcoming album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.
  11. radio vulture
    Listen to Panda Bear’s Excellent New Single, ‘Mr Noah’It sort of sounds like a playground chant drifting across an adjacent nuclear power-plant in a dubiously zoned part of town.
  12. clickables
    Watch the Gaspar Noé Video for Animal Collective’s ‘Applesauce’You’re supposed to watch it with the lights off.
  13. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Azealia Banks, Animal CollectiveAnother reason to stay indoors.
  14. clickables
    Stream Animal Collective’s New Album, Centipede HzGet weird with your Monday.
  15. right-click
    Animal Collective Knows Some Energetic GhostsHear “Today’s Supernatural.”
  16. Listen to Summer Playlists From Brian Wilson, Questlove, and MoreWhat the stars will be blasting at their summer cookouts.
  17. consider these maybe
    Song of Summer 2012: Hipster Cookout DivisionYes, Tanlines is here.
  18. announcements
    New Animal Collective Due in SeptemberIt’s called Centipede Hz.
  19. right-click
    Hey, Here Are Two New Animal Collective SongsCheck out “Honeycomb” and “Gotham.”
  20. music
    Animal Collective Is Working on a New AlbumThey’re recording in January.
  21. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Pitchfork Fest to Sir Paul McCartneyPlus: Dolly Parton, Stephen Marley, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  22. radio vulture
    Panda Bear’s Tomboy Is Animal Collective’s Latest Magic TrickIf you combed through the catalogues of Animal Collective and its members, you’d probably find them pillaging every last variety of purpose-based and communal music.
  23. clickables
    Hear Snippets of Animal Collective’s New Mixtape, Accompanied by Shark DrawingsMany forms of sealife are featured.
  24. hipsters
    Indie-Rock Expert Oliver Platt on His Favorite Music of 2010What was Platt’s favorite Panda Bear B-side of the year?
  25. reunions
    Deakin Rejoins Animal CollectiveGood call, dude!
  26. right-click
    Listen: Battle of the Animal Collective Solo ProjectsAvey Tare vs. Panda Bear. Let’s go!
  27. clickables
    Hear Panda Bear’s New Single, ‘You Can Count on Me’It’s the title track off the Animal Collective co-founder’s new seven-inch.
  28. music
    Watch Animal Collective’s Cool New Video, ‘Bluish’And it’s definitely bluish.
  29. music
    Listen to Two New Animal Collective Songs Off OddsacHere are “Mr. Fingers” and “Screens” off the band’s spacey-sounding “visual album.”
  30. panda bear
    How Bad Was Panda Bear’s Set at the Pitchfork Festival?“A way-too-long set of drony trance grooves punctuated by atonal yelps, yodels, and the occasional wounded whale noise.”
  31. music
    Hear Two New Panda Bear Songs, ‘Tomboy’ and ‘Slow Motion’They’re the A- and B-sides off the Animal Collective co-founder’s upcoming seven-inch.
  32. music
    See a New Animal Collective Video, ‘Guys Eyes’It’s a summery, vintage-style surfing video.
  33. surprises
    And Vice’s Surprise Guest Is …… it rhymes with “shmem I.A.”
  34. music
    Download Animal Collective’s Pantha du Prince Remix, ‘Welt Am Draht’They give it some low vocals and soften the edges.
  35. all things considered
    Is NPR Actually an Indie-Music Tastemaker?Or just an indie-music purveyor?
  36. last night's gig
    Animal Collective at the GuggenheimIt was all very ‘Donnie Darko.’
  37. right-click
    Animal Collective Paint It OnCheck out the new video for “Brothersport.”
  38. chat room
    Animal Collective’s Geologist on Their New EP, Their Upcoming Movie, and Sampling the Grateful Dead for Cheap‘[Phil Lesh] liked it, and the band didn’t ask for a lot of money.’
  39. right-click
    Animal Collective Is Dressing for the WeatherThey’re breaking out the “Summertime Clothes.”
  40. animal collective
    The Animal Collective Debate: What You Need to KnowDon’t have time to read three epic-length blog posts? Then just read this one!
  41. motion sickness
    Indie Bands Conspire to Make You PukeLook away!
  42. right-click
    Animal Collective More Animal Collective Than Ever on New Studio Track“Brother Sport” is seemingly about a boisterous and tender sibling pep talk.
  43. right-click
    Cool Kids Would Like to Thank the AcademyPlus: A live track from Radiohead and a new song from Animal Collective.
  44. right-click
    Bobby Digital Returns!RZA is back with a new song from his upcoming solo album, Animal Collective are a bunch of hippies, and, against their better judgment, the Roots let that guy from Fall Out Boy sing on their album.
  45. agenda
    ‘Living Bridge’: The Indie-Rock Compilation of the YearHere’s a rare indie compilation perfect for geeks and novices alike: a two-disc collection of otherwise unavailable tracks from bigger-name bands as well as unknowns.
  46. right-click
    You’d Think We’d Be Sick of That iPod Song By Now, But We’re Still Not!Plus: Animal Collective, live from France!
  47. apropos of nothing
    Last Week Sasha Frere-Jones Was Bemoaning the Lack of Blackness in Indie Rock…… and this week he’s profiling Animal Collective!
  48. right-click
    Animal Collective Celebrate the Fourth of JulyPlus Daft Punk, Interpol, and Arctic Monkeys.
  49. right-click
    The More You Ignore Him …