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Animal House

  1. rip
    National Lampoon Co-Founder Matty Simmons Dies at 93He also produced Animal House and the Vacation movies.
  2. oh boy
    Billboard, Hollywood Reporter Face the Wrath of Fired IT Staff“Oh boy, is this great.”
  3. legal trouble
    Lawyer for Russian Trolls Quotes Animal House in DefenseThe judge was not amused.
  4. obits
    Stephen Furst, Animal House’s Flounder, Dead at 63Due to complications with diabetes.
  5. #oscarssowhite
    Animal House’s Flounder Not Into Academy’s RulesHe penned an open letter saying the organization’s inclusion problem “is an integrity issue, not a racism issue.”
  6. How College Comedies Are Watched by All Ages of Dudes“College is the best time of your life,” is something people like to say and believe. It’s also something that self-perpetuates itself: you […]
  7. The Before-Its-Time Raunchiness of ‘Slap Shot’We can do anything we want. We’re college students! –Tagline for Animal House, 1978 So went the battle cry of the Deltas, the “worst” […]
  8. party chat
    Barenaked Ladies Explain Their Animal House Musical“They’re really fun, stupid songs that I can’t sing to my children.”
  9. There’s Going to Be an Animal House MusicalNext up in a long line of beloved movies becoming musicals? National Lampoon’s Animal House. Yep! The Book of Mormon’s Casey Nicholaw has […]
  10. unlikely musicals
    Barenaked Ladies Working on an Animal House MusicalWhat?
  11. The Lost Projects of Harold RamisWhile Harold Ramis isn’t quite a household name, he absolutely should be. As a writer/director, the man shaped the big screen personas of Bill […]
  12. Is It Possible for the Star of a Single-Episode Sitcom to Save Their […]Since 1961, only 10 American TV series have aired for only a single episode. If there is a God, that list will soon increase to 11 when ABC […]
  13. The Lost Roles of Animal HouseLost Roles is a weekly column exploring what might have been in TV and film comedy, taking a different comedian, writer, or work each week and […]
  14. The Community Cast Will Never Tire of Dressing In Awesome CostumesWhen you’re getting sick of maneuvering your way through a Halloween party while dressed as a complex visual pun tonight, think of the […]
  15. But How Does it Hold Up?A few weeks ago I re-watched the venerable Mel Brooks film, Blazing Saddles. I hadn’t seen the movie in at least seven years, mostly because […]
  16. The Finally Screenings: Man, Did I Hate Animal HouseIn The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These […]
  17. apropos of nothing
    How Will Hollywood Offend Christians Next?Next week’s release of the probable blockbuster The Golden Compass has religious groups freaking out about its atheistic themes, and a 300-style Jesus action movie is now in the works. What’s next in the world of Christian-enraging cinema?