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  1. dog movies
    How Torturous Is A Dog’s Way Home for Animal Lovers?For certain people, A Dog’s Way Home might as well be a Saw sequel.
  2. theater
    How The Ferryman Wrangles Its Onstage GooseThe fowl in the play.
  3. let us give thanks
    For This Year’s Thanksgiving Miracle, Kaley Cuoco Helps Save a Baby Sea LionWatch for The Thanksgiving Sea Lion, hitting theaters next November.
  4. vulture lists
    The 18 Best Dogs in Netflix’s Dogs, RankedA list of the best boys and girls.
  5. animals
    The Good Place’s Lizard Is a ‘Moody’ Improv MasterMuch to the delight of Kristen Bell.
  6. cancellations
    HBO Cancels Animals After Three SeasonsSo long.
  7. chilling adventures of sabrina
    Salem the Cat Isn’t Much of a Talker in Chilling Adventures of SabrinaThis guy won’t be confused with the wise-cracking cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  8. HBO’s ‘Animals’ Returns for Season 3 in AugustHBO’s animated series Animals just got a season 3 premiere date. The network announced that the show, which was renewed a year ago, will return […]
  9. elephants
    HBO Defends the Use of Elephants on Westworld After PETA AccusationThe animal-rights organization alleges one of the elephants used on the show can be seen being abused by its handlers in a video.
  10. Tweet More or Eat Sh*t, Because I’m Roidin’ Up This Zoo’s Social Media […] Welcome to Hell, nimrods. This is your last day as employees of the Cincinnati Zoo and your first day as global brand ambassadors of a […]
  11. Jane Goodall on Her New Doc and Her Love Story in Africa“If people wanted to call me comely, it helped with awareness. Hugely.”
  12. Thanks For Looking After My Five-Headed Bat-Like Creature While I’m Away […] Thanks for taking care of Giuseppe while I’m away on vacation, Shaun. Especially on such short notice! Sarah, the girl who works in business […]
  13. animals
    Animals Around the World Are Having a Dance Party in the Trailer for Earth LiveJane Lynch and Phil Keoghan co-host.
  14. FAQs About the New Health Care Law’s “Tremendous Vampire Bats” Mandate, by […] Will the “tremendous vampire bats” mandate affect me and my family? Perhaps. President Trump’s replacement health care law requires every […]
  15. HBO Renews ‘Animals’ for a Third SeasonHBO’s animated comedy Animals just got another season. HBO announced today that it’s handed out a season 3 renewal to the show, which is […]
  16. vulture recommends
    HBO’s Animals Is the Best TV Comedy You’re Not WatchingIt’s surprisingly clever comfort food with a stunning voice cast.
  17. Inside the New Season of HBO’s ‘Animals’ Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano created, write, direct, and voice each episode of the animated series Animals on HBO. The duo might still be […]
  18. Here’s the Season 2 Trailer for HBO’s ‘Animals’HBO’s animated comedy Animals returns next month, and today the network released the first full trailer for the new season. Given a […]
  19. boycotts
    PETA Calls for Boycott of A Dog’s PurposeIt showed a German shepherd pushed into a pool despite obvious distress.
  20. The Most Useless Animals in the World, by Max Schwartz I love animals, but let’s face it, many are dumb, and some are quite useless. These are the five most useless. 1. The Rhinoceros. I hate […]
  21. it comes from a land down under
    So, Was That a Real Kangaroo on The Young Pope?Hark, a wild kanga appears.
  22. animals
    Matthew McConaughey Touched a Tiger and Told Vulture All About It“They know I like to get off to that kind of buzz.”
  23. music videos
    Val Kilmer Stars in a Bizarre Music VideoThe unequivocal best Batman ever has a new gig.
  24. Anthony Anderson to Host an Animal Variety ShowFinally, something your cat will actually enjoy watching when you’re not home.
  25. animal rights
    PETA Is Super Pumped About the New Jungle BookThe organization gave director Jon Favreau its Innovation in Film Award.
  26. last night on late night
    Andrew Rannells Wrangles a Gator on Late NightAnd a capybara named Javier and a tiger that may or may not be named Nicole.
  27. How Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano Turned Their Ad Agency Side Project […] Last Friday night marked the premiere of HBO’s newest animated comedy series, Animals, a gritty and hilarious look at New York through the […]
  28. HBO’s ‘Animals’ Struggles to Rise Above Clichés and Crudeness The premise of Animals, HBO’s new half-hour animated dark comedy, co-executive produced by Jay and Mark Duplass, satisfies a deep collective […]
  29. Check Out the Trailer for HBO’s New Animated Series ‘Animals’HBO’s new animated series Animals debuts next month, and over the weekend the first full trailer dropped online. Produced by the Duplass […]
  30. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for the Duplass Bros.’ AnimalsAnimal life, man.
  31. Is It Cute for a Fox to Love Marshmallows?Because he really, really loves them.
  32. Watch a Supercut of Animals Covering Their Eyes in MoviesFurther proof that the nineties were weird.
  33. Watch This Lunatic Play Hide-and-Seek With His Pet Grizzly Bear, BillyBear in a hot tub! Bear in a hot tub!
  34. vulture lists
    Shouldn’t Every TV Show Have an Adorable Animal Character?Animal Practice can’t have all the fun.
  35. slothwatch
    Kristen Bell Boldly Standing by Sloth FandomRest easy, sloth fans.
  36. kevin nealon
    Watch Kevin Nealon Raise Awareness“Texting while scuba diving.”
  37. animal videos
    Meet a Frog Who Sits Like a PersonForrest Gump looks weird!
  38. downton abbey
    See the Downton Abbey Cast Reimagined As Dogs (and One Cat)Aw, Bates is a hound!
  39. animals
    See 25 Musicians Reimagined As AnimalsA Bjorkoala? Yep, it’s a thing.
  40. animals
    Watch Tokyo Police Square Off With a Giant Papier-Mâché RhinocerosWhy can’t this happen at our zoos?
  41. horses
    Meet Finder’s Key, the Equine Star of War HorseHe has a good personality.
  42. kids
    Watch a Toddler Come Face-to-Face With a Lion, Not CareYour Chronicles of Narnia nightmares just came true!
  43. fancy pants
    A Brief History of Animals Walking the Red CarpetSome are wearing tuxes.
  44. art
    Meet Winkelhimer Smith, the Squirrel Who PaintsWinkelhimer Smith prefers watercolors, chewing on acorns (just like any fine artist).
  45. baby animals
    Meet Siku, the Cutest Orphan Polar Bear in HistoryIf you’re still grieving the loss of Knut in 2011, let Siki make things a lot brighter for 2012.
  46. iphone
    Watch a Bullfrog Go After Ants on an iPhoneThis frog probably has a RAZR, too, silly thing!
  47. cute animals on the internet
    Watch a Monkey Wash DishesWashing dishes? Sounds like monkey business.
  48. Visit Kitty City, Where Your Feline Nightmares Come TrueJust go with it, but keep one eye closed.
  49. clickables
    Behold the PugicornPug > Unicorn > Cats.
  50. clickables
    See a Horrifying Horse MaskIf you find the centaur unsettling, LOOK AWAY. This will decimate your soul.
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