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  1. cute animals
    See Darren Aronofsky’s Lost Animal Masterpiece“I thought I would get a lot more hits from a dog and a monkey wrestling, but I didn’t.”
  2. awards
    Aronofsky Gets Award for Using CGI AnimalsIn Noah.
  3. dreams
    We Need More Alternative Super Bowl ProgrammingSloth Bowl, anyone?
  4. Read Sarah Silverman’s Touching Obituary for Her DogComedian Sarah Silverman’s beloved dog Duck sadly passed away on Monday. Silverman adopted Duck, a chihuahua-pug mix who was 19 at the time of […]
  5. Someone Please Help This Poodle Groomed to Look Like The SimpsonsSimpsons writer Matt Selman tweeted out a couple photos today of this poor dog that had its fur dyed and groomed to resemble the entire Simpson […]
  6. Is It Cute for a Fox to Love Marshmallows?Because he really, really loves them.
  7. Watch a Supercut of Animals Covering Their Eyes in MoviesFurther proof that the nineties were weird.
  8. Watch This Lunatic Play Hide-and-Seek With His Pet Grizzly Bear, BillyBear in a hot tub! Bear in a hot tub!
  9. vulture lists
    Shouldn’t Every TV Show Have an Adorable Animal Character?Animal Practice can’t have all the fun.
  10. slothwatch
    Kristen Bell Boldly Standing by Sloth FandomRest easy, sloth fans.
  11. kevin nealon
    Watch Kevin Nealon Raise Awareness“Texting while scuba diving.”
  12. animal videos
    Meet a Frog Who Sits Like a PersonForrest Gump looks weird!
  13. downton abbey
    See the Downton Abbey Cast Reimagined As Dogs (and One Cat)Aw, Bates is a hound!
  14. animals
    See 25 Musicians Reimagined As AnimalsA Bjorkoala? Yep, it’s a thing.
  15. animals
    Watch Tokyo Police Square Off With a Giant Papier-Mâché RhinocerosWhy can’t this happen at our zoos?
  16. horses
    Meet Finder’s Key, the Equine Star of War HorseHe has a good personality.
  17. kids
    Watch a Toddler Come Face-to-Face With a Lion, Not CareYour Chronicles of Narnia nightmares just came true!
  18. fancy pants
    A Brief History of Animals Walking the Red CarpetSome are wearing tuxes.
  19. art
    Meet Winkelhimer Smith, the Squirrel Who PaintsWinkelhimer Smith prefers watercolors, chewing on acorns (just like any fine artist).
  20. baby animals
    Meet Siku, the Cutest Orphan Polar Bear in HistoryIf you’re still grieving the loss of Knut in 2011, let Siki make things a lot brighter for 2012.
  21. iphone
    Watch a Bullfrog Go After Ants on an iPhoneThis frog probably has a RAZR, too, silly thing!
  22. cute animals on the internet
    Watch a Monkey Wash DishesWashing dishes? Sounds like monkey business.
  23. Visit Kitty City, Where Your Feline Nightmares Come TrueJust go with it, but keep one eye closed.
  24. clickables
    Behold the PugicornPug > Unicorn > Cats.
  25. clickables
    See a Horrifying Horse MaskIf you find the centaur unsettling, LOOK AWAY. This will decimate your soul.
  26. clickables
    Watch a Dog Balance EverythingFrom chicken nuggets to guns (GUNS!!!), Jub Jub is adept at not letting things fall of his head and snout.
  27. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Julie Bowen Confuses the Pelican She’s ImpersonatingPlus: Will Arnett already has his eyes on the fat cash from ‘Arrested Development,’ and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  28. clickables
    Watch a Mariachi Band Play for a Pleased Beluga WhalePlease add “Mariachi Beluga Whale” to your dancing-animal files.
  29. clickables
    Learn Some Astounding New Facts About Dolphins, Killer Whales, and More“Killer whale’s favorite song is ‘Summertime,’ by Will Smith.”
  30. clickables
    Here’s a Short Video of a Hip Dancing HuskyGo, dog, go.
  31. vulture lists
    From Elephants in Overalls to Monkeys in Denim: A Brief History of Movie Animal FashionHonoring great sartorial achievements by movie monkeys, dogs, and seals.
  32. clickables
    Watch a Very Dramatic Kitten Crash Test(No kittens were harmed in the filming of this video.)
  33. must love dogs
    Watch a 4-Year-Old Isabella Rossellini Play With a Puppy in a Trailer for Her New ShowShe even trains guide dogs. Why are you so perfect, Isabella Rossellini?
  34. clickables
    Pick Up Some New Dance Moves From Pinga, T.I.’s Biggest French Bulldog FanOwn it, Pinga.
  35. clickables
    Enjoy This Young Woman’s Impressive Range of Animal Impressions“Your parrot got my parrot going.”
  36. pets
    Celebrities Befriending Exotic Animals: A Recent HistoryUnusual animals are all the rage right now.