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  1. the gold rush
    A Historic Battle for the Animated Oscar BeginsThis year, a record number of animated movies are competing against Disney for an Academy Award in the feature category. Can an indie win?
  2. time's up
    Emma Thompson Releases Letter She Wrote Asking Execs Why They Hired Lasseter“It feels very odd to me that you and your company would consider hiring someone with Mr. Lasseter’s pattern of misconduct.”
  3. the industry
    Willem Dafoe Hops on Disney’s Upcoming Dog-Sled Movie TogoEnjoy the softer side of Dafoe.
  4. box office gold
    Incredibles 2 Pulls in $180 Million for the Biggest Animated Debut of All TimeYou might say the Incredibles 2 opening-weekend box office was … very good.
  5. superheroes
    Spice Girls to Expand their Spice Filmography With an Animated Superhero MovieEach character will have a unique “girl power.”
  6. obits
    Bud Luckey, Oscar-Nominated Animator Who Designed Toy Story’s Woody, Dead at 83In addition to the classic Pixar cowboy, Luckey designed characters for A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., and Cars.
  7. the industry
    This is Not a Drill: Anastasia Is Technically Now a Disney PrincessIt’s what she deserves!
  8. shrek had a good run
    Despicable Me Is Now the Most Successful Animated Franchise of All TimeTurns out, people really like those little Minion guys.
  9. spiderman
    The Long-Teased Miles Morales Animated Spider-Man Movie Is Coming Next WinterMiles Morales will get his own Spider-Man movie.
  10. lisa frankification
    We Finally Might Be Getting the Technicolor Lisa Frank Movie of Childhood DreamsThe feature film will be a live-action–animation hybrid.
  11. Sarah Jessica Parker Was Fired From 2 Animated Movies Both Antz and Home on the Range decided they needed to go in another, SJP-less direction.
  12. animated movies
    Don’t Fret, Sony’s Emoji Movie Will Feature AppsThe movie is the message.
  13. The 25 Best Animated Movie Voice Performances Since AladdinFrom The Lion King to Inside Out.
  14. adventure to the big screen
    There Will Be Adventure Time the MovieSo many princesses!
  15. film festivals
    Ebiri: Why Is One of New York’s Best Film Festivals Mostly Unknown?Since 2000, the New York International Children’s Film Festival has sold out every screening in advance.
  16. sing along!
    Disney to Bring Frozen Sing-Along to TheatersOn January 31.
  17. oscars 2012
    Watch the Trailers for Two Best Animated Feature Oscar Nominees, A Cat in Paris and Chico & RitaA Cat in Paris vs. Puss in Boots? Why not just ask the Oscar judges to choose between brick-oven artisanal pizza and Domino’s?
  18. movies
    Watch a Cool Animated Short of Old-School Video Games Taking Over the WorldThe world gets blocky.
  19. movies
    Watch the Trailer for The Illusionist, From Triplets of Belleville Director Sylvain ChometA magician’s popularity is on the wane.