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Anita Hill

  1. #metoo
    John Oliver Talks Sexual Harassment and #MeToo With Anita HillHill’s message for men: “We need you to step up.”
  2. hollywood
    Hollywood Execs Form a Sexual-Harassment Commission Led by Anita HillThe entertainment industry’s Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace will be led by Anita Hill.
  3. Your Guide to the Key Figures in HBO’s ConfirmationAnd where they are now.
  4. fact-checking blogs
    Blog Will Fact-check HBO’s Confirmationwww.nothanks.com
  5. trailer mix
    Confirmation Trailer: Kerry Washington’s Anita Hill Is Here to TestifyThe Anita Hill hearings come to HBO.
  6. castings
    It’s Handled: Kerry Washington Is Playing Anita HillShe’s starring in and producing Confirmation for HBO.