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Anna Sui

  1. countdown
    Hayao Miyazaki’s New Movie Opens in Japan!It’s called ‘Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea,’ and it opens this month in Japan.
  2. the take
    Will Leitch on the ‘Office’ Webisodes LaunchSo how are they? And, uh, who’s writing them?
  3. quote machine
    Nas Embraces the LeakPlus: Shamefully, ‘Meet Dave’ director Brian Robbins has never seen ‘Small Wonder.’
  4. countdown
    ‘Twilight’ Movie and Books Announce Imminent Pop-Culture TakeoverWhat’s the story with that windswept dude and his raven-hared beauty on the cover of ‘EW’?
  5. the take
    Brooklyn Vegan Now Just Posting Photos of Random Cute Indie GirlsSummer concertgoers — particularly women — now have to deal with blog photographers and their long-lens cameras.
  6. ranters and ravers
    For Lisa de Moraes’s Sake, Please Don’t Cancel the TV Critics Tour!The annual junket might be useless, but it provides the Washington ‘Post”s sharpest critic with a big, fat target.
  7. right-click
    Nellie McKay Fights the War on ChristmasPlus: Trent!
  8. news reel
    Jason Bateman Makes Us Momentarily Excited for ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’“In this movie I play a magician, and I chop up three women, and I miss on the third one. There’s blood everywhere,” Bateman told us.