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Anne Hathway

  1. casting
    Anne Hathaway in Talks for COVID Rom-Com and We Can’t Wait for the Mask-ActingCongratulations to those having meet-cutes during a global crisis.
  2. casting couch
    McConaughey, Hathaway in Talks for SerenityNot a Firefly reboot.
  3. casting couch
    Damian Lewis Is in Talks to Play the Villain in Ocean’s EightHe will play Sandra Bullock’s ex-lover and target.
  4. party chat
    Joan Rivers to Anne Hathaway: ‘Calm Down’“I just think she’s very, very happy to be Anne Hathaway.”
  5. casting couch
    Anne Hathaway Joins Mindy Kaling–Written Rom-ComThe Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie.
  6. really close readings
    Let’s Overanalyze This Les Miserables Set Footage!With actual singing!
  7. anne hathway
    See Anne Hathaway Occupy Wall StreetAnne Hathaway is the 99 percent.