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  1. hello! let's celebrate this
    Schitt’s Creek Fans Celebrate! Annie Murphy to Lead Kevin Can Go F*** HimselfShe deserves!
  2. last night on late night
    Watch the Cast of Schitt’s Creek Love Each Other on The Tonight ShowThe Roses know each other well.
  3. quiz time
    Which Ex-Socialite Said This Out-of-Touch Quote: Alexis Rose or Tahani Al-Jamil?They have a lot of famous friends.
  4. chat room
    Annie Murphy Can’t Help But Bring Her Schitt’s Creek Vocal Fry Home With Her“Luckily, it fades after two weeks and my husband is thrilled when it finally stops.”
  5. vulture recommends
    Why Aren’t You Watching Schitt’s Creek Yet?This Canadian gem of a sitcom is wildly underrated.