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  1. Oneohtrix Point Never Makes Popular Art Music for Our Anxious Times“I’m not in that part of my life when I’m holed up with my own thoughts and making this really cryptic labyrinth of personal mythology.”
  2. videology
    ANOHNI Asks Obama to Free Chelsea Manning“With Trump incoming, if you leave Chelsea there, she will never see the light of day, or worse.”
  3. songs of the week
    9 Best New Songs of the WeekJennifer Lawrence impressions aren’t the only thing Ariana Grande’s good at.
  4. videology
    A Tearful Naomi Campbell Stars in the Video for ANOHNI’s Devastating New SongPowerful stuff.
  5. oscars 2016
    Best Song Nominee ANOHNI Won’t Attend the Oscars“I will not be lulled into submission with a few more well manufactured, feel-good ballads and a bit of good old fashioned T. and A.”