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Another Year

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    Another Year’s Acclaimed Lesley Manville Has Never Heard of Michael BayAs for the Oscars: “Sony has now quite categorically put me in the Best Actress category. That might be an error — I don’t know — but it’s their call.”
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    Mike Leigh on Another Year, and Why His Films Are About More Than Words and Actors“People say, ‘Oh, well, it’s just talking heads.’ Well on that basis, paintings by Vermeer are just standing women. It’s ridiculous.”
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    Jim Broadbent on Another Year’s Unusual Rehearsals and His Upcoming Margaret Thatcher Film With Meryl Streep“You might try to sort of guess as a party game, ‘I wonder who I’ll be married to?’”
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    Watch the Trailer for Mike Leigh’s Another YearThe ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ director’s latest film follows an elderly couple for a year.
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    Cannes: Sony Pictures Classics Takes Leigh’s Another YearThe film, about a happy married couple visited by miserable friends, is the odds-on favorite for this year’s Palme d’Or.
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    Rating Mike Leigh’s New Film on the Miserable IndexWe rank his body of work, from “Downright chipper!” to “Just kill us now.”