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  1. friday night movie club
    Why Can’t Every Movie Be As Good As The Mask of Zorro?I went into the 1998 film dreading what Hollywood would do to it. Now it feels like the kind of thing that we kept Hollywood around for.
  2. things that don't feel real
    Anthony Hopkins Hits the Toosie Slide, Remains IntactWords we never thought we’d write.
  3. companions
    Anthony Hopkins and His Cat Find a Way to Pass the TimeTwo pals social distancing together.
  4. brad pitt
    Now Is the Perfect Time to Watch Meet Joe BlackTrick yourself into staying home with a three-hour movie about Brad Pitt being Death and also a virgin.
  5. movie review
    The Two Popes Is Not As Stuffy As It Might SoundAnthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce make a talky drama about the Catholic Church into something that’s actually pretty damn compelling.
  6. tv review
    Amazon’s King Lear Captures the Heart of a Classic Shakespeare TragedyAt its best, the Anthony Hopkins-led adaptation feels as current and as timeless as a nightmare.
  7. tribeca 2018
    Jeffrey Wright Says Anthony Hopkins Was the Prime Jokester of the Westworld SetOf course Ford is a ham.
  8. Thor: Ragnarok’s Deadpan, Camp Comedy Elevates It Into the StratosphereTaika Waititi is a wonderful comic director, but the cookie-cutter plot brings the movie back down to Earth.
  9. the industry
    The High Sparrow on Game of Thrones Is Playing the Cool Pope in a MovieHe’ll star opposite Anthony Hopkins’s Pope Benedict XVI in Netflix’s The Pope.
  10. calling bay bae
    Anthony Hopkins Lauds Michael Bay As a ‘Genius’ and ‘Savant’“He’s the same ilk as Oliver Stone and Spielberg and Scorsese.”
  11. movie review
    Review: Solace Is Mind-numbingly BoringIt’s often unclear whether the film is spoofing thriller tropes, or playing them straight.
  12. trailer mix
    Watch All of the Trailers for HBO’s WestworldIt’s not a theme park, it’s an entire world.
  13. fall preview 2016
    Is Westworld HBO’s Next Game of Thrones?Given that the network was able to win you over to an epic show about dragons, how do you feel about robots?
  14. casting couch
    Sir Anthony Hopkins Joins Transformers 5“The man, the myth, the legend.”
  15. sexy spies
    Harrison Ford and Natalie Dormer Join Spy MovieAlso Paul Bettany and Martin Freeman.
  16. hbo
    HBO’s Westworld Hiatus Won’t Affect Tax CreditsWestworld won the Powerball!
  17. trailer mix
    Misconduct Trailer: Hopkins, Pacino Chew SceneryOh, and Josh Duhamel is in it, too.
  18. role reversal
    Uzo Aduba Continues the Tradition of Creepy-As-Hell Hannibal LectersShe takes on Anthony Hopkins’s monologue in Glamour’s Role Reversal series.
  19. supercuts
    Watch 3 Interpretations of Hannibal LecterHannibal and Will, three ways.
  20. oscars 2014
    The Many Creative Ways Oscar Winners Pose With Their TrophiesThe Javier Bardem kiss, the Emma Thompson head balance, and more through the Oscar ages.
  21. fanboys
    Anthony Hopkins Sure Loves Breaking BadEspecially Bryan Cranston.
  22. movie review
    Movie Review: Red 2Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Anthony Hopkins star in this “old people shoot guns!” action-comedy.
  23. the good book look book
    Here’s a Look at Darren Aronofsky’s Noah ActorsBible-y!
  24. chat room
    Anthony Hopkins on Hitchcock and Oscar Buzz“You got to be intense and cry and gnash your teeth together to win an Oscar.”
  25. trailer park
    See How Psycho Was Made in the Hitchcock TrailerAnthony Hopkins + a second chin = Alfred Hitchcock.
  26. hitchcock
    Check Out Anthony Hopkins in a Teaser Poster for HitchcockDead on.
  27. oscars
    Hitchcock to Crash Awards SeasonWith Anthony Hopkins and a host of actresses angling for a nod.
  28. movie review
    Movie Review: Meirelles’ 360 Takes the Long Way Round to NowhereThe film arrives just a few years too late to cash in on the “We’re all connected!” genre craze.
  29. alfred hitchcock
    See Another Picture of Sir Anthony Hopkins As Alfred HitchcockSpot-on, down to the chinny-chin-chin.
  30. casting
    Anthony Hopkins Joins Darren Aronofsky’s NoahHe’ll play Methuselah.
  31. hitchcock
    See Anthony Hopkins As Alfred HitchcockRight on the nose. Or, in this case, the chin(s).
  32. movie review
    Movie Review: Anthony Hopkins Serves Up Supernatural Swill in The RiteHopkins is surprisingly good and low-key in his first scenes, but that’s not because the Old Ham has changed his ways.
  33. vulture lists
    The 7 Types of Roles Older British Actors Can Always Sell Out InHopkins, O’Toole, McKellen, et al. also know the Fringe Scholar and the Self-Sacrificing Mentor are good for a paycheck.
  34. the industry
    Anthony Hopkins Circling Hitchcock BiopicWith the director of ‘Anvil’ and the screenwriter from ‘Black Swan.’
  35. the thronedown
    From Peter O’Toole to Helen Mirren: Learning the Royal Family Tree by the Actors Who Played ThemWith his George VI in ‘The King’s Speech,’ Colin Firth joins the venerable house of British Movie Monarchs — here’s their full family tree.
  36. trailer mix
    The Rite Trailer, Featuring a Devilishly Hammy Anthony HopkinsIt’s like ‘The Exorcist,’ but with Anthony Hopkins and a bunch of pretty young people.
  37. the industry
    Emily Blunt Joins Gordon-Levitt In Time Travel FlickPlus: ABC picks up dramatic comedy produced by J.Lo.
  38. trailer mix
    Thor: Another Superhero with Psych ProblemsThor’s got daddy issues.
  39. trend watch
    Great Moments in Eye Patches, a Superheroic AdditionAnthony Hopkins in ‘Thor.’
  40. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Swank, Hoffman, HopkinsPlus: Fox and Disney announce competing versions of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’
  41. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Hopkins, Butler, MonaghanPlus: Maxwell and Jill Scott embark on a tour.
  42. quote machine
    Robert Downey Jr. Doing Nothing to Play Down Public’s Perception of Mickey Rourke As a Crazy PersonPlus: Russell Crowe has a perfectly good excuse as to why he’s not wearing tights.
  43. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Is Maybe Being a Little Dramatic About a Recent Bad Shopping ExperiencePlus: Suri Cruise is “so cool,” says 30-year-old man.
  44. chat room
    Anthony Hopkins Talks The Wolfman“Yeah, I think it’s about time I played God.”
  45. quote machine
    George Washington’s Tights a Poor Fit for RZA’s NutsPlus: Jeremy Renner will give you a guy’s opinion on makeup.
  46. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Wishes That You Damn Kids Would Just Speak Up, AlreadyPlus: Mickey Rourke’s love knows no bounds.
  47. the industry
    Johnny Depp to Possibly Take a VacationPlus: Anthony Hopkins! Meryl Streep’s Daughter! Mario Lopez!
  48. quote machine
    Don Draper Nearly Sired Dawson LeeryRobert Pattinson: smelly.
  49. trailer mix
    Trailer for The Wolfman the Best One We’ve Seen All DayIt’s not like there’ll be anything else to go see in February, anyway.
  50. the industry
    Anne Hathaway Is Kind of Busy Right NowPlus: Hopkins does Hemingway.
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