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Anthony Pellicano

  1. the law
    Die Hard Director John McTiernan Heading to Federal PrisonHe’s run out of appeals.
  2. the history of phone-hacking
    Anthony Pellicano Invented Phone HackingBut did the imprisoned Hollywood P.I. know about the Schwarzenegger love child?
  3. notable quotables
    The Wit and Wisdom of John McTiernan“I am perfectly happy to not work on bad movies.”
  4. crime
    Die Hard Director John McTiernan Sentenced to One Year in PrisonHe lied to the FBI about hiring notorious private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap producer Charles Rosen.
  5. the industry
    Oliver Stone to Explore Hugo Chavez’s Unresolved Daddy IssuesPlus: Showtime comes out!