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  1. anticipation
    Much Like the Show Itself, The Conners First Teaser Contains Zero RoseanneConsider yourself teased.
  2. Twitter Loses It Waiting for Rachel Maddow to Discuss Trump’s 2005 Tax ReturnHey, America waited this long. What’s another 20 minutes?
  3. anticipation
    Hannah & Co. Sober Up in Girls Season 3 PosterIn our minds, they all had to wrestle Adam into that shirt.
  4. exciting things
    What Can We Expect From Brooklyn’s First MTV VMAs?History in the making.
  5. teasers
    You Can Now Hear a 13-Second Clip of Kanye’s ‘Bound’Only two more weeks until Yeezus!
  6. anticipation
    Disney Wants a New Star Wars Movie Every SummerStarting in 2015.
  7. anticipation
    The Five Episodes of Breaking Bad to Rewatch Before SundayLet’s look at one of the show’s major themes: time.
  8. sex and the city 2
    Sex 2 Sells, Even Six Weeks Before Its ReleaseOnline advance ticket sales are reportedly “brisk.”
  9. anticipation
    Steven Soderbergh Endorses Avatar“It’s the craziest sh*t ever.”