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Antonio Campos

  1. true crime
    Colin Firth to Push Down HBO Max’s The Staircase AdaptationThe famous whodunit.
  2. movie review
    Netflix’s The Devil All the Time Is a Sadistic SlogChoose Your Own Adventure, but for generational trauma.
  3. choices
    Robert Pattinson Hid His Devil All the Time Accent Until Cameras Rolled“Rob was impossible to get dialect coaching,” director Antonio Campos said.
  4. tv review
    The Sinner Is a Superbly Executed Murder MysteryIt understands that every mystery is ultimately an exercise in people-watching.
  5. the sense of an ending
    Director Antonio Campos on Christine’s EndingIt’s a twist on the inevitable.
  6. sundance 2016
    Rebecca Hall on Sundance Suicide Movie Christine“I talked to the guy who cleaned the blood off of the counter. He remembered scrubbing the blood and crying.”
  7. chat room
    Brady Corbet on Simon Killer and Woman Haters“I have no fear of misogyny in myself … for the record.”
  8. sundance 2012
    Brady Corbet Talks Sundance’s Simon Killer, Art Cinema, and Steak Tartare“I never read reviews, but I’ve been reading every review I can find of this one.”
  9. chat room
    Afterschool Director Antonio Campos on Absorbing Internet Criticism and the ‘Unbearable’ NYC Prep“‘NYC Prep’ seems to be more interested in glorifying and sensationalizing that lifestyle more than actually presenting us with anything resembling reality.”
  10. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Antonio Campos Spoils His DinnerLet’s see … where to start with this one?