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  1. kudos
    List of Oscar Contending Songs Does Not Include AnvilThere couldn’t be a better excuse to break the rules than “Metal on Metal.”
  2. kudos
    Inside the New York Film Critics Circle’s Votes’The Hurt Locker’ was a no-brainer, but things got tense deciding Best Screenplay.
  3. kudos
    Anvil! Wins Something, ThankfullyIt’s not an Oscar, but it’ll do.
  4. expert opinion
    Metalheads Weigh In: Is Anvil the Real Deal?The band’s documentary was just denied an Oscar nomination — so let’s focus on the music.
  5. the industry
    Will Smith Does SyfyPlus: Anvil is totally going to be famous soon.
  6. notable quotables
    Jeffrey Wells Is No Fan of Metal“It’s for primitive, thick-fingered types who get high a lot.”
  7. chat room
    Anvil Front Man Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow on Anvil! The Story of Anvil and the Future of AnvilVulture spoke to front man Kudlow and director Gervasi about never giving up.