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  1. good one podcast
    28 Comedians Reveal Jokes They’d Like to Steal If They Could Get Away With ItFrom the Good One podcast, John Mulaney, Patton Oswalt, and more on the joke they’d steal.
  2. underrated
    Why Aparna Nancherla Loves Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth SalarymanIt’s a food show, it’s a travel show, and it’s a truly unhinged comedy.
  3. good one podcast
    How Aparna Nancherla’s Career Changed With This One TweetOn the season finale of Good One, Aparna Nancherla talks about being a comedian with depression, not a depression comedian.
  4. encounter
    If You’re Feeling Anxious or Depressed, Aparna Nancherla Has Some Jokes for You“It’s weird that anxiety is finally on message.”
  5. 30 Comedians Give Advice to Their Younger SelvesColin Jost, Michael Che, Julie Klausner, Pete Holmes, Chris Gethard, and more.
  6. Inside Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Standups’Next Tuesday, Netflix bolsters its reputation as the go-to source for comedy with the release of season 2 of The Standups. The six-episode […]
  7. Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s New Round of Half-Hour ‘The Standups’ […]Last year, Netflix added another batch of half-hour standup specials for its new series The Standups, and today the streaming network released […]
  8. The New Season of ‘The Standups’ Premieres on Netflix Next MonthLast year, Netflix revealed the lineup of the second season of its half-hour standup series The Standups, and now the next batch of episodes […]
  9. Approaching Standup and Acting from the Inside Out with Aparna NancherlaWhen life gives her low-key anxiety, Aparna Nancherla makes lemonade. As a comedian and actor she has molded a successful career from her […]
  10. Here’s How Comedian Aparna Nancherla Calms Her Brain Before ShowsAlong with a story about the time she did a set at a sex-trafficking fundraiser.
  11. Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Standups’ to Feature Aparna Nancherla, Kyle […]Netflix has another batch of half-hour standup specials in the works. The Standups will return to the streaming network sometime next year, and […]
  12. Check Out Some Clips from Seeso’s ‘Funny as Hell’ Featuring Aparna […]Seeso’s standup series Funny as Hell returns for its sixth season this week, and today the streaming network released two short clips from the […]
  13. Jo Firestone and Aparna Nancherla Head to Dance Class in ‘Womanhood’ […]It’s been a couple months since the last episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood, but thankfully they’re back today […]
  14. Aparna Nancherla Marks Ten Years In Comedy with Her Comedy Central ‘Half […] After rising through the ranks of the flourishing Washington, D.C. comedy scene, Aparna Nancherla headed to “the biggest apple in the gosh […]
  15. Check Out the Trailer for Michael Ian Black’s ‘Debate Wars’There’s no doubt, people love to argue. Trump vs Hillary, NYC vs LA, cats vs dogs – everyone’s got an opinion. So who better to settle such […]
  16. comics talk to comics
    Tig Notaro Talks to Aparna Nancherla About Comedy, Babies, and Being More DirectNotaro released Nancherla’s new album on her label.
  17. Get Your Witch On with Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s Menopause TipsHere’s the latest episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood, where the two offer some handy tips for women out there […]
  18. Get Ready for Your Midlife Crisis with Some Help from Aparna Nancherla and […]The latest episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood has arrived, and now that they’ve already covered turning 21, […]
  19. comedy
    New Web Series Womanhood Is a Very Funny DelightIt stars comedians Jo Firestone and Aparna Nancherla.
  20. Prepare to Enter Your Thirty Flirties with Aparna Nancherla and Jo […]Here’s the latest episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood, where the two discuss all the fears, problems, and […]
  21. Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone Have Some Tips for All the 21-Year-Old […]Here’s the latest episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood, where the two share some very important tips for young […]
  22. Let Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone Guide You Into AdulthoodHere’s the newest episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s web series Womanhood, where the duo outlines everything to expect if you’re a […]
  23. Tig Notaro Launches Her Own Standup Comedy Record LabelTig Notaro is getting into the comedy record business. Independent record label Secretly Canadian has teamed up with Notaro to launch her own […]
  24. Check Out the First Episode of Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone’s Web […]Comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone have teamed up for a new Refinery29 web series called Womanhood, and the first episode premiered […]
  25. Depression and Comedy with Aparna Nancherla The link between depression and comedy is well known; Woody Allen shot to fame joking about low self-esteem, while currently, Maria Bamford […]
  26. ny la comedy
    Is It Better to Perform Stand-up in NYC or L.A.?Comedians on each coast discussing the crowds they encounter.
  27. Aparna Nancherla to Audience Members Who Record Shows: ‘Don’t Be a Jerk’Comedian and current host of weekly New York standup show Whiplash Aparna Nancherla wrote an interesting blog post today about last night’s […]
  28. Come Celebrate the Release of ‘A Night at Whiplash’ This Friday with an […]We’re celebrating the recent release of A Night at Whiplash this Friday night at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The lineup is pretty badass: Jon […]
  29. The Inside Story of Whiplash, One of New York’s Best and Most Influential […]“Whiplash is like a magical kingdom where laughs run free and jelly beans are the main form of currency,” says comedian Aparna Nancherla, of […]
  30. Aparna Nancherla Has a Great New York Story Here’s the first episode of director Chioke Nassor’s web series Storytime for Above Average. In the first installment, standup and Totally […]
  31. Check Out the Trailer Above Average’s New Web Series ‘Storytime’ The clever folks at Above Average have posted the trailer for their new web series, Chioke Nassor’s Storytime, which features comedians […]
  32. Talking to Aparna Nancherla About Twitter, Chris Rock, and Writing for […]Aparna Nancherla is a name we keep seeing on lists of the best up-and-coming comedians. And if you’ve seen her do standup, you know […]
  33. Follow Friday: Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin)Everybody is a comedian on Twitter, but only a select few are truly worthy enough to have all of their witticisms transmitted to you, the ever […]