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Apollo 13

  1. hillbilly elegy
    Can We Leave Ron Howard Out of This?Seriously, that’s a real question.
  2. vulture lists
    What’s Leaving Netflix: April 2018Apollo 13, The Prestige, Exit Through the Gift Shop, and others.
  3. Ron Howard Remembers Bill Paxton’s ‘Charm’ and ‘Admirable Joie de Vivre’Bill Paxton, actor in Apollo 13, Aliens, and Twister, died on Sunday. He was 61.
  4. speeeech!
    Read Bryce Dallas Howard’s Speech to Dad Ron“I was super upset.”
  5. short stories
    Tom Hanks Has a Short Story in The New Yorker“Alan Bean Plus Four.”
  6. shoutouts
    Did You Catch Gravity’s Apollo 13 Shout-out?“This is Mission Control.”