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  1. vulture guides
    Which Streaming Service Do You Actually Want?Helping you navigate the many, many, many, many, many, many, many options out there.
  2. overnights
    For All Mankind Recap: The Amazing Race For SpaceNothing wrong with a little friendly competition in the race for Mars — except when friendly competition leads to everything going wrong.
  3. tv review
    Loot Is At Odds With ItselfA perfectly pleasant but ideologically hollow comedy about an ultrarich girlboss? In this economy?
  4. overnights
    For All Mankind Recap: Love in an ElevatorWe can’t do space stuff without a dose of complex interpersonal dynamics, so strap in!
  5. get the assist
    The Ted Lasso Service Is Adding Actual Soccer NowApple TV and MLS commit to showing every match for ten years — and making a new streaming channel.
  6. alt-history 101
    Let’s Get on For All Mankind’s TimelineSeason three’s opening montage is packed with alternate-history milestones that will help shape this season.
  7. tv review
    For All Mankind Season 3 Navigates Heady Highs and Cavernous LowsA race to colonize Mars brings out the alternate-history series’ best qualities amid some maddening missteps.
  8. overnights
    For All Mankind Season-Premiere Recap: Don’t Get Too AttachedStrap in because this season premiere has everything.
  9. not yum
    Roy Kent Won’t Get Your Hopes Up for a 4th Season of Ted LassoBrett Goldstein says season three will have a finale in which everyone dies.
  10. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Season-Finale RecapAll the high-stakes plots of the season are on a collision course with everything else in the finale.
  11. trailer mix
    Loot Trailer: Maya Rudolph, Rich and Jilted, Vows to Save the WorldWhat else is a billionaire divorcée to do?
  12. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: A Town Called MaliceTurns out the Soviets have space guns, too
  13. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: Stuck in the MiddleChekhov’s space guns are finally fired.
  14. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: You Just Keep Me Hangin’ OnIn typical For All Mankind fashion, everyone is expected to rise to the occasion while putting their lives on hold.
  15. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: A Fine Romance TropeFor All Mankind gets jam-packed with tropes from romance novels. Who knows if it was intentional, but it works.
  16. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (on the Moon)The tensions between dreams and reality are woven into nearly every moment as the upcoming missions loom.
  17. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really WantIt turns out Ed isn’t satisfied being on Earth, so it’s time to return to his space dreams.
  18. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: In Our FeelingsThe past is vexingly present when prior mistakes and traumas rear their ugly heads.
  19. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in SpaceWith their best days behind them, our former heroes are left to wonder what’s next.
  20. tv recaps
    For All Mankind Recap: Still RacingAs you’d expect with a nine-year time jump, everyone is older, and some are even wiser.
  21. exit interview
    Soo Hugh’s Pachinko Confronts the Present With the PastThe Apple TV+ showrunner adapted Min Jin Lee’s sprawling, multigenerational epic novel with an eye for intimacy.
  22. overnights
    Pachinko Season-Finale Recap: SurvivingSurvival can be a radical act, and Pachinko’s finale is a beautiful reminder that this is a story of survival.
  23. backstories
    How — and Why — Pachinko Re-created Japan’s Dual Kanto Disasters“He could have lived a completely different life if he hadn’t been in Yokohama in 1923.”
  24. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: The 1923 Great Kantō EarthquakePachinko’s dedicating an episode to Koh Hansu and the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake proves adaptations can be fully realized creations on their own.
  25. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: A Split LifeSolomon and Hana finally reconnect.
  26. roll clip!
    Watch Merritt Wever Meet a Special Someone (He’s a Duck)A glimpse at AppleTV+’s Roar.
  27. q&a
    Patricia Arquette’s Work-Life Balance Is Out of Control TooThe Severance actor breaks down Cobel’s penchant for taking work home and why the Macrodata Refinement supervisor is obsessed with saving Lumon.
  28. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: Leap Into the FutureYoung Sunja struggles to adapt to life in Japan, but bonds with her new sister-in-law, Kyunghee.
  29. chat room
    Severance’s Britt Lower on Helly’s ‘Worst Nightmare’“I have seen the enemy, and it is me.”
  30. severance
    What Is Lumon Industries Up to on Severance?What do brain surgery and baby goats have to do with serving Kier? Allow us to theorize.
  31. overnights
    Severance Season-Finale Recap: A Tale of 3 InniesThe innies finally get to explore the real world in Severance’s explosive season finale.
  32. crash and learn
    HBO Max Has Definitely Seen Your Tweets, Is Fixing Its AppsSame paint job, more horsepower.
  33. coming soon
    Jason Momoa Is Working on a Hawaiian History Drama Called Chief of WarPutting the buff in history buff.
  34. incentives
    The Stories Behind Severance’s Eerie Office DesignMid-century furniture, out-of-time desktop computers, and childish “incentives” build the series’s office as haunted playground aesthetic.
  35. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: In Between DaysYoung Sunja loses her mother and motherland.
  36. overnights
    Severance Recap: The Hour Is YoursThe MDR crew plots to find out who they really are. But first, a weird waffle orgy.
  37. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: She’s Earned Those TearsWhile Sunja in Japanese-occupied Korea struggles with the sudden imposition of new life, 1989 Sunja is presented with the sudden imposition of death.
  38. overnights
    Pachinko Recap: Fighting for HomeAs Koh Hansu and Sunja’s romance blossoms, Solomon hears from a long-lost love.
  39. backstories
    Behind the Scenes of Severance’s ‘Very Creepy’ Office Dance PartyStrobe lighting, soldier-marching, and a blood-splotched cashmere sweater: How “Defiant Jazz” captured the chill inherent in corporate-mandated joy.
  40. overnights
    Pachinko Series-Premiere Recap: Like Grandmother, Like GrandsonMeet Sunja, our heroine, as she survives growing up in Japanese-occupied Korea and a family curse.
  41. overnights
    Severance Recap: Dance, Dance, RevolutionEveryone is getting their hands dirty in the most suspenseful episode of Severance yet.
  42. buffering
    What’s at Stake for the Streamers at the OscarsNo matter what happens, Apple may have already won the season.
  43. tv review
    Pachinko Builds Epic Family Drama on an Exquisitely Intimate ScaleApple TV+’s adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s generational saga finds satisfying poignance in the space between the remarkable and the ordinary.
  44. overnights
    Severance Recap: Love in the Time of SeveranceIs Dylan right that love can transcend severance?
  45. tv review
    WeCrashed Disrupts NothingThis tedious series’ top-down, voyeuristic focus on the notorious couple behind WeWork is impressively ill conceived.
  46. chat room
    Adam Scott Prefers Baby Goats to Lil’ SebastianThe Severance lead on his love of The Twilight Zone, the mysteries of Lumon, and the generosity of Bono.
  47. overnights
    Severance Recap: Inexplicable GoatsThe refiners explore Lumon’s bizarre depths and only find more questions.
  48. chat room
    Ben Schwartz Always Makes His Scene Partner Look GoodThe Afterparty star on that big finale reveal, shielding his girlfriend from spoilers, and returning to improv.
  49. overnights
    Severance Recap: Eternal Sunshine of the Severed MindThis week’s episode sets up several potential story lines for (doomed) love in the severed world.
  50. overnights
    The Afterparty Season-Finale Recap: How Great Is This Party?Danner has the whole case figured out, but she needs to speak to Maggie before announcing who killed Xavier.
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