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  1. in memoriam
    Lynn Shelton Left Behind a Bounty of Beautiful TelevisionThe acclaimed filmmaker’s empathy and humanity was on display in an impressive array of TV shows, from Mad Men to GLOW.
  2. appreciation
    ‘I Was Always Astounded by the Level of Constant Invention’: On Terrence McNallyThe playwright’s broad palette and essential humanity.
  3. rip
    Remembering Penny Marshall, a Hollywood Legend With a Radical LegacyAs both a performer and a filmmaker, Marshall stood apart from what women like her were expected to do.
  4. An Appreciation of Mark Hamill’s Meta-Casting in Brigsby BearWhy his meta-casting in Kyle Mooney’s eccentric indie is so damn delightful.
  5. appreciation
    Young Frankenstein to Play in Over 500 TheatersOnly on October 5.
  6. appreciation
    Gene Wilder’s Genius Was in His Simmering HysteriaThe comic icon could go deep into himself and still be the greatest audience imaginable for his fellow clowns.
  7. tribute
    Remembering Garry Marshall, TV’s Mr. Nice GuyGarry Marshall made some beloved movies, but his ’70s sitcoms are what made him a legend.
  8. Ornette Coleman’s Uncompromising GeniusA tribute to the brilliant jazz musician, dead today at 85. 
  9. appreciation
    Remembering Paul Walker, an Everyman With Leading-Man LooksHe was immediately relatable, which is rare for an actor so good-looking.
  10. appreciation
    The Forgotten Career of Director Jack ClaytonWhat makes The Innocents so powerful is the very thing that made Clayton’s films so distinctive.
  11. appreciation
    Five Stars: A Journey Through 185 Amazon Reviews Written by Anne RiceAnne Rice loves reviewing things on Amazon.
  12. let cage be cage
    Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Need a McConaissanceHe delivers a sturdy, soulful performance in Joe. But he doesn’t need roles like that.