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  1. apps
    Grindr to Remove Ethnicity Filter Out of Respect for Black Lives Matter“We will not be silent, and we will not be inactive.”
  2. rip to a real one
    HQ Trivia Goes to App HeavenThe company will part ways with its remaining 25 employees.
  3. apps
    Vine Reboot Byte Arrives to Help You Feel Alive For Six Seconds at a Time AgainThe new app from Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann dropped today.
  4. cash me outside
    Bhad Bhabie’s New Phone Game Is a Cash (Me Outside) GrabDanielle Bregoli wants you to “pick up yo damn phone” and download her new game. Don’t bother.
  5. aging gracefully
    How Accurate Are These Celebrity FaceApp Photos? We Put 14 to the TestYou are not ready for Keith Richards.
  6. artphone
    Here’s How You Can Easily Make Music on Your PhoneFor like zero dollars!
  7. artphone
    Want to Use Instagram Stories Like a Real Influencer? Try These 4 Apps.Turns out all you need to con the world into thinking you’re living the influencer life are a couple of free apps and some patience.
  8. the panopticon
    Taylor Swift Has an App Where You Can Watch Taylor and She Can Watch YouTaylor follows in the footsteps of the Kardashians and Jeremy Renner.
  9. I Used Funny or Die’s Pitch App for a Month, and This Is What It Was LikeI touched the olive-colored olive icon and was in: Pitch, the invite-only joke-writing app developed by Funny or Die. It was the first day of […]
  10. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Gives New Details on Upcoming Interactive HBO Project MosaicIt sounds extremely fascinating and extremely complicated.
  11. apps
    All the Push Notifications I Have Received From Jeremy Renner’s App“Cup of coffee please….” “Still hibernating…. hahaha.” “Fun view from my room.”
  12. adaptations
    The Live-Action Neko Atsume Movie Sounds SadComing soon to Japanese theaters.
  13. RIP Vine, 2013-2016The age of the looping, six-second comedy video is no more. Today, the teams behind Twitter and Vine announced that they’ve decided to shut […]
  14. techlandia
    App Will Alert You When Boys Don’t Cry DropsStill thinkin’ ‘bout you, all the time.
  15. apps
    The Rock Released Alarm-Clock App, ‘Rock Clock’Yes, he does play guitar on it.
  16. ‘Party Over Here’ Taps Into the True Nature of Social Media with […]Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s new episode of Party Over Here, in which Jessica McKenna, Nicole Byer, and Alison Rich star in a commercial […]
  17. apps
    Morgan Freeman’s Voice Can Now Help You NavigateGet busy living or get busy driving.
  18. my anaconda don't want none...
    Kim Kardashian’s Emoji Butt Broke the App StoreNo one butt should have all that power.
  19. the industry
    Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic Will Let You Choose Your Own AdventureWith an app.
  20. apps
    Let Stephen Colbert Give You Driving DirectionsAs long as you’ve got Waze.
  21. surprise!
    Nick Jonas Got People Drunk and Then Serenaded ThemTry not to get jealous.
  22. veganism
    Lil B Made You a Vegan Emoji AppDubbed vegEMOJI.
  23. apps
    Send Mean Holiday Greetings to Friends With Aaron Paul’s ‘Yo, Bitch!’ AppJust in time for Christmas.
  24. FX’s ‘Simpsons World’ App Launches TomorrowAfter a long wait, FX Networks announced today that its comprehensive Simpsons app called “Simpsons World” will finally be made available to […]
  25. Here’s What the ‘Simpsons World’ FXX App Will Look LikeBack in April it was announced that a comprehensive digital Simpsons app called “Simpsons World” was in the works at FXX to coincide with the […]
  26. hodor!
    There’s a New App That Lets You Yell ‘Hodor’ at Your FriendsHODOR.
  27. Comedy Central Launches App Offering Full Seasons of ‘Chappelle’s Show’, […]Comedy Central announced today that they’ve launched a new app offering up access to hundreds of episodes of hit shows and standup. The app, […]
  28. apps
    What’s With All the Drake-Themed Apps? Flappy Bird knockoff “Tiny Flying Drizzy” sits high up on the Apple App Store charts.
  29. wishful thinking
    Five Ways to Make a Candy Crush MovieSomeone’s working on this somewhere.
  30. Netflix Released an ‘Arrested Development’ Fakeblock AppNetflix unveiled a new app today, inspired by the new season of Arrested Development. (SPOILERS FROM THE NEW SEASON FOLLOW) It’s called […]
  31. Comedy Central Introduces a New Stand-Up AppComedy Central has a great new free stand-up app out today called CC:Stand-Up that allows you to stream hours and hours of stand-up on your […]
  32. apps
    Twitter’s Music App Is Available to Civilians NowCool.
  33. year in culture 2012
    The Best Smartphone Games of 2012Get ready to ignore your friends and loved ones!
  34. american horror story
    Download an American Horror Story AppMake your iPhone terrifying!
  35. Let Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Teach You About the ‘New Yorker’ iPhone App The New Yorker just launched its iPhone app today, a slick little number that allows you to read David Grann’s reportage on the subway without […]
  36. facebook
    Learn About Instaham, a ‘New App Totally Worth $1 Billion’Your move, Pinterest.
  37. Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for Cash MoneyFunny or Die’s making a move into iPad content like many other comedy creators - but this app will represent a distinct publication, a “digital […]
  38. Monty Python and the Holy iPad AppBut of course there is an iPad app that tells the animated story of the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! One half of the app is […]
  39. Hey, a Free Simpsons iPhone and iPad App Oh, baby. I can’t decide whether I’d rather play the free Simpsons game for iPhone and iPad, or watch Homer play it. Probably play, since the […]
  40. How Does Conan’s New Mobile App Stack Up Against the Fallon App? When we think about late night shows trying to appeal to the unruly youths of today, there’s one tried-and-true technique that guarantees […]
  41. facebook
    Check Out ‘If I Die,’ a Facebook Application That Only Works After You’ve StoppedFinally, Facebook will update when you can’t! Because you’re dead!
  42. iphone
    Watch a Bullfrog Go After Ants on an iPhoneThis frog probably has a RAZR, too, silly thing!
  43. go viral!
    Get the Free Vulture Clickables App Today!Gizmodo says, “It’ll totally make you feel like you’re in the know.”
  44. clickables
    Check Out David Byrne’s Fake, Amusing iPhone AppsFor “Social Media,” a group exhibit at New York City’s Pace Gallery.
  45. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Studying, Vegging, and Being James BondBetter ways to study, watch TV, and be James Bond.
  46. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Video Apps for Psychedelic NostalgiaA psychedelic videocam, a Broadway tracker, a nostalgic video generator, a lyrical Rock Band, and mature ringtones.
  47. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Karaoke and JackasseryA trove of free audiobooks, a karaoke-anywhere app, an artistic statement for your phone, Johnny Knoxville on the iPad, and more.
  48. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: The Skeuomorph EditionA vocab lesson in the form of a cassette, a randomized movie clip app, and more.
  49. clickables
    See Bill Cosby’s Very Cosby-Ish Ad for His New Mobile AppThis is real.
  50. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: App Camera Tricks, Speakers, and Ways to Hold Your Gadgets for Big Bucks and SmallWho needs unobtainable CES gear when you can go to Ikea instead?
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