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  1. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the new Wonder Woman 1984, which films stand above the rest?
  2. lawsuits
    Johnny Depp Allegedly Tried to Get Amber Heard Fired From AquamanFallout from yet another of Depp’s legal battles is bringing new information to light.
  3. aquabeef
    Underwater Expert James Cameron Thinks Aquaman Was Fishy“I’m very literal about my underwater.”
  4. spin-offs
    You’re Damn Right An Aquaman Spinoff About the Trench Is Being DevelopedGive us pathos in the Trench!
  5. dc universe
    Aquaman 2 Development Begins; Will Hopefully Be Easier Than Finding AtlantisPescatarians, rejoice.
  6. aquaman
    Lessons DC Can Learn From Aquaman’s Billion-Dollar SuccessA giant win for the company’s extended cinematic universe could teach the makers of upcoming Superman and Batman movies a thing or two.
  7. $$$
    Viewers Anoint Aquaman As King of the DC UniverseIt’s officially the franchise’s top grossing film.
  8. fandoms
    Aquaman Director James Wan Asks Fans to Stop Harassing People Who Hated AquamanWhat Would Arthur Curry Do?
  9. movies
    Aquaman Is Definitely Not Underwater This ChristmasSee, because it made a lot of money, get it?
  10. aquaman
    How James Wan Sent Aquaman UnderwaterJason Momoa’s beard hair was a technical nightmare.
  11. aquaman
    I’m Obsessed With Julie Andrews Voicing a Racist Sea Monster in AquamanJulie Andrews chose to voice a racist sea monster in Aquaman instead of making a cameo in Mary Poppins Returns.
  12. the latest in dildo news
    The Villain in the Next Aquaman Should Be This Terrible Aquaman-Themed DildoWe keep telling you people: Not everything needs to also be a dildo.
  13. aquaman
    What to Know About Justice League Before Seeing AquamanA recap of the character’s cinematic story so far.
  14. pitbull
    Okay, Sure: Here’s Pitbull’s Take on Toto’s ‘Africa’Might as well do this.
  15. red carpet
    Jason Momoa Led a Haka at the Aquaman Premiere“For thee, I defy, the lightning bolts of hell!”
  16. movie review
    See Aquaman for Its Trippy Undersea Visuals and You Won’t Be DisappointedThere are two kinds of people: those who break out into a stupid grin upon hearing the words “Ocean Master,” and those whose hearts are made of stone.
  17. boffo box office
    Aquaman Opens Huge in China, and It’s Getting a SequelCinematic fish are having a moment.
  18. last night on late night
    Okay, Jason Momoa Can Really Throw a TridentJimmy Fallon has never looked more terrified.
  19. jocks vs. nerds
    What Kind of Monster Tears the Pages Out of Books? Jason Momoa, That’s Who!And here I thought we lived in a society.
  20. the dc universe
    Atlantis Is Alive With the Sound of Julie Andrews Joining AquamanWith songs they have sung for a thousand years for fish men!
  21. creed ii
    Dolph Lundgren’s Long Road Back to Ivan Drago and Creed IIHe was huge. He hit the skids. Is it worth the comeback if he has to revisit the role that was his greatest burden?
  22. trailer mix
    Here’s Every Trailer Released at New York Comic-ConGotta watch ‘em all.
  23. roll clip!
    This 5-Minute Aquaman Clip Features Nicole Kidman Violently Swinging a TridentGet ready for the fish wars.
  24. aquaman
    The Woman Who Made Aquaman a StarA conversation with award-winning artist Ramona Fradon, who drew Aquaman for most of the 1950s — and “doesn’t get” Jason Momoa’s iteration.
  25. burning questions
    Has Hollywood Ever Seen a Redhead Before?Amber Heard in Aquaman and KJ Apa in Riverdale are only two of the latest, wildest fake redheads.
  26. Aquaman Trailer: Watch Jason Momoa Get WetNicole Kidman is in there, too.
  27. Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is ‘Like Indiana Jones and Star WarsAt CinemaCon, Momoa, director James Wan, and Amber Heard gave audiences a first look at the upcoming film.
  28. casting couch
    Dolph Lundgren Joins Aquaman, Significantly Raising the Movie’s Jawline GameSorry, Arthur Curry, but he must break you.
  29. It’s a Superhero Extravaganza in a New Trailer for Justice LeagueJustice. For. All.
  30. aquaman
    The Get Down Actor Is Your Aquaman VillainAnd Nicole Kidman’s in talks to play the hero’s mom.
  31. last night on late night
    Let’s All Take a Moment to Watch Jason Momoa Throw Axes at a Wall*Nods thoughtfully.*
  32. casting couch
    Patrick Wilson to Play the Evil Ocean Master in DC’s AquamanThe half-brother of Aquaman, who moonlights as a supervillain.
  33. release dates
    Warner Brothers Sets Release Date for DC’s Aquaman FilmThe Jason Momoa (underwater) vehicle will premiere October 5, 2018.
  34. villains
    Black Manta Reportedly Set As Aquaman VillainHe’s a classic aqua-baddie.
  35. comic con 2016
    The Justice League Trailer Is Packed With Jokes And Batfleck is taking his bat-voice to the next bat-level.
  36. the industry
    Amber Heard Will Play Mera in Justice LeagueHer costume sounds “interesting.”
  37. the industry
    Furious 7’s James Wan to Direct Aquaman (Oh Yeeeeeah!)The director of Furious 7.
  38. party chats
    Entourage Cast Think Vinny Is a Better AquamanStand by your bro.
  39. chat room
    Jason Momoa on The Red Road, Aquaman, GoT“You did not like Drogo, and now it’s the fifth season and people still love him. Same thing with Kopus.”
  40. comics
    Jason Momoa Is Trying to Ignite a Goddamn Nerd WarAccording to a fan at Indiana Comic-Con.
  41. first looks
    Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Is Khal of the Seven SeasKing, whatever.
  42. aquaman
    2 Writers Hired to Write 2 Different Aquaman MoviesAlso, Jason Momoa’s casting has still not been confirmed.
  43. party lines
    Demi, Wahlberg, and Grenier at GQ BallBut where’s Mandy Moore?
  44. aquaman
    An Aquaman Movie: Could It Happen?Yes, apparently!