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Archer Season 9

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    Archer Season-Finale Recap: Onward to the Final FrontierArcher’s Danger Island season draws to a close, but not before making a bunch of Hobbit jokes and setting up what’s to come.
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    Archer Recap: Who’s for Dinner?it was inevitable that racial tensions would come to the fore at some point.
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    Archer Recap: Pammy Gettin’ HersAmber Nash is Archer’s ultimate secret weapon.
  4. overnights
    Archer Danger Island Recap: Ziegler’s FolliesIn the fourth episode of the season, we meet this season’s iteration of Barry: Ziegler, a German fighter pilot.
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    Archer: Danger Island Recap: Anyone for Chinchilladas?This week, the series makes some promising moves toward creating meaning within the parameters it’s set for itself.
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    Archer Recap: Welcome to the JungleWho cares if Archer isn’t tunneling into its neuroses? Supersized Komodo dragons are afoot!
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    Archer Season-Premiere Recap: Reboot the Reboot That Rebooted the RebootWhat was happened to Sterling Archer?