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Archie Andrews

  1. the letter a
    Riverdale’s Archie Welcomes Royal Archie the Only Way He Knows How: ShirtlessTwo iconic gingers, one iconic name.
  2. scrub a dub dub
    A Few Questions About That Ridiculous Riverdale Shower Sex SceneWho wears a pearl necklace and bracelet in the shower?
  3. teens
    Riverdale’s K.J. Apa Broke His Hand Badly While Filming the SeriesAnything for the craft!
  4. love triangles
    Riverdale Should Just Embrace the Throuple of Archie, Betty, and VeronicaThree’s a relationship.
  5. timeline
    Exploring the Many Alternate Dimensions of Archie ComicsThere are currently Archies living in four parallel universes across the various comic-book series.
  6. r.i.p.
    Archie Comics Will Kill Off Archie AndrewsIn the second-to-last issue of its Life With Archie series.