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  1. archie universe
    Horny Riverdale Teens to Become Horny Riverdale Adults With Season 5 Time JumpA twist the Gargoyle King didn’t see coming.
  2. chat room
    Mark Consuelos on Playing Riverdale’s Resident MobsterPlus, some confusion over his “make my bones” catchphrase.
  3. bollywood
    Archie Comics Is Making a Bollywood Movie, Continuing Its World DominationThe film will reimagine the series with an all-Indian cast.
  4. dark sabrina
    We Might Be Getting a Dark Horror Take on Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the CWThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is being eyed for the 2018–2019 season.
  5. teens
    Riverdale’s K.J. Apa Broke His Hand Badly While Filming the SeriesAnything for the craft!
  6. sequential art
    Archie and the Riverdale Gang Rock Out in These Exclusive Pages From The ArchiesThe one-shot special The Archies comes out Wednesday.
  7. the archie universe
    Who’s the Worst Parent on Riverdale? An InvestigationWhich parents have committed a federal crime, and which are merely boring?
  8. renewed
    Rejoice, Hot Archie Enthusiasts: The CW Renews Riverdale for Season TwoMore Archie for your viewing pleasure.
  9. close reads
    The Forgotten Legacy of Archie Comics’ Terrible, Delightful Made-for-TV MovieArchie: To Riverdale and Back Again is cringeworthy, but also kind of wonderful. And its creators loved making it.
  10. comics
    Warner Bros. Is Developing More Archie Comics TVThe deal includes characters outside the core Riverdale gang, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  11. vulture lists
    Which Archie Comics Character Does Riverdale Change the Most?The CW’s teen drama makes big updates to Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.
  12. representation or a lack thereof
    Riverdale’s Jughead Won’t Be Asexual Like He Is in the ComicsThough that may change, if Cole Sprouse gets his way.
  13. trailer mix
    New Riverdale Teaser: Secrets and Rock-hard Abs AboundThe Archie Comics adaptation arrives January 26.
  14. sequential art
    See Underground-Comics Star Jaime Hernandez’s Archie CoverIt appears on the second printing of Archie Meets Ramones.
  15. sequential art
    See Pages from Archie’s New Kevin Keller Series“With an older Kevin, you can do a lot more story lines — especially in the career and romance departments.”
  16. reboots
    The Josie and the Pussycats Comic Is Getting a Reboot Now, TooPart of Archie Comics’ ongoing rebranding.
  17. sequential art
    Inside One Long-Delayed Comic Book’s Struggle to Win Back Fans and RetailersA look at an intimate and slightly archaic market.
  18. sequential art
    An Exclusive Look at Afterlife With Archie’s Long-Delayed Next IssuesThere was a 20-week gap between issues six and seven and a 21-week gap between seven and eight.
  19. sequential art
    A Betty & Veronica Reboot Is Coming From Archie Comics in JulyFrom writer/artist Adam Hughes.
  20. sequential art
    Two Long-Delayed Archie Horror Comics Series Will Return This SummerAfterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are back from purgatory.
  21. sequential art
    Archie Comic Reveals Jughead Is AsexualA rare identity in pop culture.
  22. Adam McKay Is Writing an ‘Archie’ Broadway MusicalArchie Comics is headed to Broadway with some help from Adam McKay and Funny or Die. Variety reports that McKay is currently working on a book […]
  23. sequential art
    Archie Reboot Creators on Why Betty, Veronica, and the Gang Still MatterPlus, exclusive pages from the new Archie No. 1!
  24. easter eggs
    Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Incredibly Subtle Archie Comics ReferenceIt involved the Hulk.
  25. tv
    There Might Be an Archie Comics TV Show Called RiverdaleIt will apparently be a “bold, subversive” drama.
  26. timeline
    Exploring the Many Alternate Dimensions of Archie ComicsThere are currently Archies living in four parallel universes across the various comic-book series.
  27. r.i.p.
    Archie Comics Will Kill Off Archie AndrewsIn the second-to-last issue of its Life With Archie series.
  28. chat room
    Afterlife With Archie Creator on Zombie Jughead“The fun of it is seeing characters that people have known for 70-plus years turn into zombies.”
  29. crossovers
    Glee and Archie Comics, Together at LastThe New Directions, now with Archie and Jughead.
  30. archie comics
    Check Out What a ‘Gender-Swapped’ Archie Looks LikeThis is happening. Stay calm.
  31. books
    Meet the New Gay Archie CharacterHis name is Kevin Keller, and he is not interested in Veronica.
  32. books
    Archie & Friends Gets a Jersey Shore MakeoverJughead becomes the Complication.
  33. love triangles
    Archie Picks VeronicaFollowing a 67-year love triangle, Archie Andrews has seemingly picked Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper.
  34. pop trash
    Archie’s Unfunny Attempt to Save the Music Industry83-year old high-school student Archie Andrews is rapping to the kids about music piracy.