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  1. it's important to glisten
    Everything Riverdale’s Wrestling Episode Taught Us About WrestlingA GIF guide.
  2. drugs
    What’s the Deal With Jingle Jangle? A Guide to Riverdale’s New Favorite DrugLet’s try to make sense of Riverdale’s booming drug business.
  3. renewed
    Rejoice, Hot Archie Enthusiasts: The CW Renews Riverdale for Season TwoMore Archie for your viewing pleasure.
  4. riverdale
    An Asexual’s Defense of Jughead Kissing Betty on RiverdaleThe newly asexual icon of the Archie comics is allowed to explore his sexuality, just like everyone else.
  5. reality check
    The Riverdale Pilot’s Least Believable LinesArchie and friends have been watching a lot of Mad Men.
  6. vulture cover story
    Archie’s Long, Dark Journey to RiverdaleHow a 76-year-old gang of teenagers wound up fighting the undead, meeting the Ramones, and starring in a sex-infused murder-mystery show on the CW.
  7. representation or a lack thereof
    Riverdale’s Jughead Won’t Be Asexual Like He Is in the ComicsThough that may change, if Cole Sprouse gets his way.
  8. trailers
    New Riverdale Trailer Serves Up Archie Dark and HotBetty and Veronica are there, too, obvi.
  9. casting couch
    Molly Ringwald to Play Archie’s Mom on RiverdaleIt’ll be a nostalgia explosion with Luke Perry as her husband.
  10. casting couch
    Shannon Purser Joins CW’s RiverdaleViva la Barb.
  11. upfronts 2106
    The CW’s ‘Archie’ Show, Riverdale, Looks Pretty Darn DarkBetty’s hooked on Adderall.
  12. casting couch
    The CW’s Archie Pilot Casts Archie, Josie, Cheryl, and Luke Perry [Updated]Luke Perry will play Archie’s dad.
  13. attractive humans
    The CW Ordered an Archie PilotHow can you chose between Betty and Veronica when they are both actresses on The CW?
  14. glee
    Archie Does GleeSo will Jughead date Rachel?
  15. archie comics
    Check Out What a ‘Gender-Swapped’ Archie Looks LikeThis is happening. Stay calm.
  16. clickables
    Watch the Excellent Fan-Made Archie Movie TrailerWell done, amateur Canadian filmmakers!