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  1. the longest lives
    What I’ve Learned So FarLessons from artists and thinkers.
  2. cityscape
    How Real Architecture Inspired Westworld’s Futuristic CitiesThe meaning behind season three’s deluxe urban dystopia, agleam with prosperity and gentrified to a high polish.
  3. art and architecture
    Two Critics — Art and Architecture — Compare Their New MoMA ExperiencesSaltz and Davidson on the newly expanded museum.
  4. you need a permit for that
    Kanye West’s Star Wars–Themed Affordable-House Plan Hits a SnagWest has 45 days to file building permits or the domes are going the way of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
  5. urbanism
    Is Hudson Yards Really the City of Tomorrow?A debate between four starchitects.
  6. art
    The Best New Architecture Books To Gift For the HolidaysFrom McKim, Mead & White to Mark Foster Gage.
  7. architecture
    The MoMA’s Tribute to Yugoslavia’s ‘Concrete Utopia’ Is a RevelationThis hugely ambitious show portrays an idiosyncratic, multiethnic, and open postwar society that propelled itself into the industrial age with brio.
  8. The Case for the (Non-Harassing, Worth the Trouble) Creative GeniusWe don’t want more James Levines. But how about more Zaha Hadids?
  9. The Over-the-Top Plans for Redoing Geffen Hall Are History. Good.The $500 million–plus plan to squeeze a new building into the shell would have been a disaster.
  10. I Went to a Concert With a Basement Full of Dead People and Loved ItIn the crypt, architectural and musical pleasure converge.
  11. preservation
    The Art Historian Trying to Save Venice From Being Killed by Cruise ShipsA talk with the author of If Venice Dies.
  12. the industry
    John Cho Is Starring in a New Movie About Modern ArchitectureIt’s called Columbus.
  13. in memoriam
    Zaha Hadid, Visionary Architect, Dead at 65An appreciation of a brilliant and divisive talent.
  14. For the Second Time, New York Loses the ZiegfeldAw, dammit.
  15. Thomas Heatherwick Will Redo David Geffen HallThe post–Avery Fisher era gets under way.
  16. Is Richard Estes an Architect Disguised As a Painter?His fantasy city.
  17. The New Whitney Building Is OpenThe architect mistakes virtue for personality.
  18. Why Frank Gehry’s Fondation Louis Vuitton Building Is a MasterpieceBut you have to see it to understand it.
  19. Architecture Review: The Buzzy New Cooper HewittThe Carnegie Mansion, cleaned and wired for a new century.
  20. review
    MoMA’s Schemes for Fixing Urban Problems Are Either Too Dainty or Too SweepingThe museum’s “Uneven Growth” exhibition feels shaky and simplistic, predicated on a vague and reductive view of global economics and an inflated belief in the power of architecture.
  21. bill de blasio's new york
    The Rich Irony of Barry Diller’s Floating ParkThe media billionaire’s just-announced plan to build an artificial island in the Hudson is the type of deal this mayor pledged to reject.
  22. George Lucas’s Museum of Narrative Art Looks RidiculousIt’s a bad mountain, not a bad spaceship.
  23. Buildings Aren’t Usually Funny. Filip Dujardin’s Are — and Here’s Why.A photographer who creates his own architectural follies.
  24. architecture
    In Praise of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Midwestern Design VirtuesHe was the rare architect who felt landscape in his bones and whose buildings improve on nature.
  25. architecture
    Davidson on Shigeru Ban’s Aspen Art Museum: A Graceful DisappointmentThere is something depressingly glib about Ban’s architectural party trick.
  26. architecture
    Why It’s So Hard to Keep Beaux-Arts Museums Looking BeautifulThe same problem keeps cropping up at the Frick.
  27. architecture
    Mackintosh’s Greatest Building: Gone?A proto-modern monument, up in smoke.
  28. Davidson: The Metropolitan Museum’s Renovation Plan Is Full of Red FlagsNot so fast, guys.
  29. art
    Davidson: MoMA Reveals Its Expansion PlansAnd the fate of the American Folk Art Museum.
  30. walk-through
    A First Look at the Queens Museum’s World of TomorrowArt critic Jerry Saltz and architecture critic Justin Davidson tour the museum after its $69 million renovation.
  31. architecture
    Justin Davidson on MoMA’s Departing Barry BergdollThe museum will lose a quiet crusader.
  32. architecture
    Justin Davidson on the Twin Legacies of Le CorbusierWhy architects have never stopped paying tribute to him. ­
  33. Davidson: MoMA May Not Tear Down the American Folk Art Museum After AllPotentially good news for the museum’s defenders.
  34. architecture
    Davidson on MoMA’s Plan to Raze Folk Art MuseumIf the museum’s architects can’t figure out a way to use the building, that is a failure of imagination.
  35. architecture
    Davidson: Mayor Bloomberg Reveals the Best Concert Venue of 2018The Culture Shed will be an institution like no other: eclectic, adaptable, and untethered to an artistic program.
  36. architecture
    Justin Davidson on Ada Louise Huxtable, 1921–2013“At 90, she was still writing circles around the rest of us.”
  37. New York’s Koch-Fueled Binge: Saltz and Davidson on Distasteful DonationsIs David Koch’s money good enough for the Met?
  38. Ice Cube Opines on Architecture“Each freeway has its own personality.”
  39. short people
    Short People: Better Architects?Why are so many major architects either just below average in height like Frank Gehry and Louis Khan, or straight-up tiny like Julia Morgan and Daniel Libeskind?
  40. kudos
    Japanese Architect Duo Take Home the Pritzker PrizeAnd a $100,000 prize.
  41. tv
    Fan-Made Architectural Drawings of Classic Sitcom HousesSo nerdy, but so great.
  42. bathrooms
    See Wayne Coyne’s Awesome Bathroom“Customized seats in the bathing pods tub portion, sculpted around [Coyne] and wife while they sat.”
  43. charles gwathmey
    Davidson: Charles Gwathmey’s Iconic New York BuildingsRather than brand his designs with signature mannerisms, he combined smooth elegance of execution with the willingness to be self-effacing.
  44. architecture
    Float On: Architectural Treasure Heads DownstreamIts creator once proudly described the house as “a bold little ugly banal box.”
  45. apropos of nothing
    New York Finally Gets a Zaha Hadid — Just Five Years After Cincinnati!It took a while, but we’ve almost caught up with Ohio’s third largest city!
  46. in the magazine
    Inside Pritzker Prize Winner Jean Nouvel’s Downtown Gem’New York’ Magazine’s profile of Nouvel’s gorgeous 40 Mercer reveals the work of architecture’s newest prizewinner.
  47. countdown
    P.S. 1 Young Architect Winners Would Like You to Eat Cabbage This SummerAnd they’ll grow it for you, in P.S. 1’s courtyard.
  48. beef
    Santiago Calatrava vs. the City of BilbaoA Spanish mayor rips a world-class starchitect a new one.
  49. daily intel
    Herbert Muschamp Dies at 59The longtime NYT architecture critic is remembered by Justin Davidson.